The Reasoning behind ADHD Awareness Week

The Reasoning behind ADHD Awareness Week

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects the children and the teen who are graduating to their adulthood. The disorder affects the mental capacity of the child; hence the child is unable to continue with their education successfully like the other children not affected do. The disorder can affect any child, and no specific condition lead to the child getting the disorder. ADHD is one of the leading disorders affecting many kids in the world today, and it makes the children face challenges in their education. The ADHD makes the child affected look lazy to other people because they are unable to keep up with activities done by other healthy children.

The child affected with ADHD become disorganized by continually engaging in activities that other children are not engaged to. When the thinking of the child has also affected their actions are affected because it’s the brain that controls other activities occurring in the body of the child (Low, 2018). The affected child engages in activities without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Several campaigns have been conducted to make the people aware of the disease as a measure of fighting the disease.

The ADHD Awareness Week was formed after it was found that many people are unaware of the disorder and hence the victims suffer without knowing. Also, people discriminate ADHD patients without knowing that they face challenges because of their disorder (Petersen, 2016). The awareness week is meant to make the people know about the disorder so that they stop discriminating the patients, and they are taught how they can handle such patients. The awareness week is meant to make the patients understand their condition and find out ways of solving the challenges that they go through.

The awareness week people get tested to know where they have the disorder or not when one is found to have the disorder they are advised accordingly on how they can manage their condition (Mahan, 2017). The patients are taught how to handle various challenges that they go through in their daily lives with the disorder. Many patients have been diagnosed with the disorder are caught unaware of having the disorder; they are able to learn the treatment options that they can consider for treatment.

The awareness campaigns play an important role in eliminating the misconceptions among the people regarding the disorder. The affected patients are advised on the best ways of living with the condition. Many people are living with the disease believing that it’s a curse; therefore, do not consider having a medical treatment to deal with the condition. In some instances, the patients have been killed while they were small kids because they behave; it’s a curse. Such incidences are inhuman because innocent people are punished for mistakes that they did not commit. The parents do not know such condition exists and that why they punish innocent kids.

The campaigns began to be conducted after it was discovered that the children perform poorly in schools and the teachers did not know the reason for the poor performance of the students in their studies. Some of the teachers are reported to have punished the students for performing poorly and behaving in a strange manner (Wright, 2017). The patient student ends up suffering for reasons that they are not aware of. The ADHD disorder affects the school life of the children affected since most of them get the disorder while they are still learning. The child begins to perform poorly because they no longer concentrate in their studies. The students are distracted in their activities such that they are unable to keep track of what is being taught in schools. Many teachers don’t know how to handle children with the disorder hence the poor grades.

The awareness campaigns are also meant to make people differentiate between patients living with ADHD disorder and zombie people. The ADHD patients usually get the disorder while they are young kids and the condition is very hard to manage. ADHD is related to the Zombie phenomenon because the children begin to behave like zombies after they start the medication to treat the disorder. The drugs that they take effect the brain of ADHD patients. The children struggle to behave usual (Wright, 2017). This phenomenon is very challenging for patients who are worried about what will happen to their children. The phenomenon is believed to be caused by patients when they do not take the right dosage of the medication. The already weak brain is destroyed further by the drugs. Also, some drugs are believed to affect the brain of the children.

The campaigns are also used to make people that have the disorder know about it through diagnosis, and the campaign is conducted in many villages. New patients are diagnosed with the disease and advised on how to live a healthy life. The number of children diagnosed with the disease is expected to have ballooned by the year 2020. The parents are caught unaware of bearing in mind that most of them have never heard about the ADHD disorder.



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