The Reasons That Qualify the US as a Super Power

The Reasons That Qualify the US as a Super Power

A state is considered a super power if it possesses a dominant position typically characterized by its outstretched capability to project power, or exerts influence globally. These projection of power and influence exertion is carried out through the putting together of military, economic, cultural strength, technological and diplomatic efforts. A state on the other hand is considered an empire when the people are under the rule of an emperor or a single monarch. A great power is a state under sovereignty with the capacity to greatly impact global issues on a large scale. The US however is a super power. It does not necessarily mean that the US is simply powerful, but it is dominant. Most of the nations that are superpowers are socially, economically, militarily as well as culturally dominant.  The reasons as to why America is dominant enough to be regarded as a superpower are as follows.

The United States has undoubtedly the most powerful and competent military group round the globe. The US military has the ability to destroy the entire world. Looking at the armed forces, the US gives out the two most important and largest forces in the world namely the Navy and the Air force. The air force holds in possession a fleet of stealth and efficient aircrafts like the F35 and the F22. Aside from these stealth fleets of aircrafts, the air force also has in possession other non stealth aircrafts like the F18, F16 and the F15 which have been known to be combat proven and very numerous. These aircrafts are very efficient in times of war and protecting the US air territory. The creation of the Abrams, a military tool that is used by the ground army in the 80s brought a whole new change in the US military (Boggs 24). Much advancement has been made on it over years to make it better and more efficient. It has been used in the Middle East wars that erupted in the past years and the crew controlling it has been professionally trained to control it. The armed forces budget in the US currently stands at about 639$ billion which is the highest military budget in the whole world. The US Armed forces also hold in possession almost seven thousand nuclear missiles (Boggs 25). For this reason, launching an attack on the US is difficult since it is protected by a defined internal geography and a strongly armed populace.

The US economy also makes it a super power since it is the world’s largest and strongest economy. The US in terms of GDP measurements still stands as the central economy of the globe ( Bremmer 34). The National GDP of the US currently stands at about 20 million dollars, so far the highest in the entire world. The Federal Reserve System which is the central bank of the US is the home to the world’s reserve currency. The US has also been named as the most secure nation to put investments in and also has robust industries and valuable natural resources. Currently, the US dollar is the main currency of the world, and its per capita GDP is about 62 thousand us dollars, sixth in the world (Bremmer 35). All these clearly show that the US economy is way above the economy of other nations, and most of the nations are dependent on the economy of the US to even be in a position to manage and handle their own economic status and implement foreign policies (Hook 49). The US has a huge internal market that is able to support population growth.

The American culture on its own makes the US super power. For instance, Hollywood is home to most of the best movies, which are watched all over the world. Even though other countries are also able to produce films and movies, the US still remains the world’s number one movie producer (Boggs 25). When it comes to music production, the US also outdoes many other countries since it produces musical artists with the ability to produce quality music listened around the world. The US is also home to many kinds of international sports such as basketball, American football and soccer. All these are examples of cultural activities that make the US more competent and powerful than most of the countries.

The leadership exhibited in America makes it a superpower. The leadership is regarded as the world’s moral leader. It is the only nation with the capability of sacrificing many of its soldiers and sending them on a mission to secure the boundaries of other countries like Kosovo, Kuwait, Bosnia among other countries (Brooks, Stephen, and William 91). America still possesses the title of protecting the liberal world. Whenever there is a crisis in any part of the world, the many parts of the world look up to the kind of response the US will give in line with solving the specific looming crisis. The US president as well has a lot of influence over other world leaders (Nuechterlein 59). This kind of influence makes the US superior over most of the nations, making it a super power. It also has a strong and powerful judicial system that enables the citizens to be victorious over the high and mighty.

The US also has a stable industrial infrastructure and advanced laboratories with massive research capabilities and equipment. The advancement in research knowledge has seen the US able to establish the best Universities in the world as well as technological institutions that are home to advanced research. Many people are now going to the US to advance their studies, an indication that it offers quality education fit for the knowledge of many. The US is able to fuel aircrafts, an advantage that it has over countries like china (Brooks, Stephen, and William 91). It also has prominent natural gas and oil reserves which earn a lot of revenue for the country once exported to various parts of the world.

The US is home to various world organizations such as the United Nations which also has offices in about 190 countries worldwide. The United Nations is a well established organization with various sub- branches that advocates for peace and cooperation among states all over the world (Nuechterlein 60). With the head quarters located in the US, it means that the US has a lot of influence on other countries, making it a super power.

The thriving agricultural practices in the US makes the US a super power. It is home to huge pieces of arable land in the entire planet where agricultural practices are carried out. The agricultural products are in turn exported to various parts of the world (Bremmer 36) making the US one of the highest agricultural products exporters’ worldwide.

All these are evidences that qualify the US as a super power. The United States is industrious and enterprising and one with a stable political system. The political stability, strong federal system and a stable economy are enough to qualify US as a super power.





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