The Red Square

Red Square was a building with wonderful architecture. In the 15th century , it acted as a trading center because it had a mall in it. Besides, it also acted as a tourist attraction center because of it’s beautiful goods and buildings. Tourists would come to visit the place so that they would see the preserved body of the notorious politician called Lenin. The preserved body of Lenin  was put in a Mausoleum which was in front of the Kremlin wall.   Today, the Red Square is the residents of the President of Russia. It is a building that signifies great royalty and the political history of Russia.

The Red Square signifies unity.  The building brought Russians together for business purposes before the mall was turned into state offices. Besides, the building is represents high-level patriotism. For example, Zhukov’s statue represented the great Patriotic War. Zhukov was the leader of the second world war who stood up for the defense of Moscow against Germany(Brooke, p.49).  The Red square way pof preserving and ,maintaining the cultural heritage of Russians .Around 1941 to 1942 , newly wedded couples could come  to lay flowered to signify continuity of their grandparent’s generation .


For foreigners , the Red Square is a famous tourist attraction site . The palace is endowed with beautiful architectural designs and statues. At the southern end of the Red Square, there exists beautiful and colorful onion domes that belonged to St . Basil .The cathedral has has beautiful exterior to attract the attention of its viewers . Apart from its ability to attract viewers ,the Red Square is painted red . For foreigners , this color signifies peace in the city of Moscow . It is therefore, evident that the Red Square has a useful meaning in the lives of the citizens of Russia as well as that of foreigners .

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