The relevance of Competency-Based Curriculum in Home Science

The relevance of Competency-Based Curriculum in Home Science

Over the years, the competency-based curriculum has received much attention in various departments in education. It is an essential part of learning as it helps students to gain skills which are opposed to just knowledge learning that was earlier being offered. It emphasises practical education which enables students to get skills outside classroom making them knowledgeable in all fields they study. One of the departments that has used the competency-based curriculum much is home science. It is relevant to it as students are capable of doing a lot of practice which is essential in ensuring that they get the necessary skills in all the disciplines in home science. As a result, this paper will focus on the relevance of the competency-based curriculum in home science.

Home science is a subject that requires a lot of practice to ensure that students can gain skills needed for the subject. This practice is only possible in the competency-based curriculum. The old curriculum that education in Kenya was using emphasised much on class work at the expense of practical work. In this regard, students could not get the necessary skill that they are required to gain in home science. With the introduction of competency-based curriculum, students are now able to do a lot of practice. Consequently, they will be able to get the knowledge as well as the skills on how to do home science activities such as cooking, sewing and family care among others. This clearly shows the reason why the competency-based curriculum is relevant in the education sector especially in home science.

Competency-based curriculum is flexible hence allowing the students to gain many skills that make them become all round in education. This gives students the freedom to set their targets on when to complete the projects and assessment. The student will be able to take the practical at their own set time. Since it is self-paced, even the students who are slow in learning are also included in the study. It caters for individual differences; hence it will be able to ensure that all the students who are in the school can take home science. It is a motivating factor; thus many students can gain knowledge in home science regardless of the background.

One of the most reliable outcomes of competency-based education is increased student engagement. Students are more engaged in the material because they have ownership over their learning. They are empowered because they have control over when, where and how they learn. As a result, home science students are capable of gaining practical experience in all the activities hence making them more focused.  CBE also promotes individualised learning and accommodates a variety of learning styles, making it a truly personalised experience. This experience increases engagement because the content is tailored to each student and more relevant. This the best type of learning that home science students need than classroom-based learning. Since it decreases student-teacher interaction, the students can learn and explore many skills by themselves making them know how to carry out practical by themselves. This is crucial in making them innovate and become creative in the field of home science.

Moreover, the beneficial aspect of CBE is that learning centres on real-world skills and competency development. Programs are designed around competencies that are needed for a particular career ensuring that the material is relevant. For instance, all the activities in home science can easily be achieved by using a competency-based curriculum as students do them by themselves with little guidance from the teacher. The outcome is that students are workplace ready and have expertise in their chosen fields. For many students, CBE is a direct path to a successful career. Even though it requires many resources to be used, it is beneficial as it helps students to be independent in their thinking and reasoning. In this way, it prepares home science students to be able to approach their career with a lot of confidence as they have the necessary skills and experience needed in impacting knowledge on other people as well as working on their own.

Conclusively, a competency-based curriculum is much relevant in home science as a subject. Since home science is like other science subjects, it also requires much practice to ensure that the students are acquainted with the skills in practical activities. For a better understanding of students, teachers should minimise student-teacher interaction to allow students to explore and innovate new ideas on how to handle home science practical.  This is only possible through the competency-based curriculum as it emphasises much on practical learning instead of knowledge learning where students study without useful skills. With its introduction in the Kenyan system, many schools can offer home science as it is now easy to examine it. The best way to learn home science is through practical to gain skills which are relevant in this discipline.

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