The Revised Arusha Declaration

After reading the Revised Arusha Declaration, I determined that in 2001, the fourth WCO Conference was held in Doha, Qatar.  I found out that Qatar is a contracting party to the Revised Arusha Declaration. Qatar plays a significant role in the Declarations of the Customs Co-operation Council bylooking at any issues concerning the integrity at the Customs (Ferreira, 2017). I found out that the ratification by Qatar of the Convention took place on 17th October 2003.

From the Revised Arusha Declaration, I noted that the Customs is an essential instrument for the effective management of an economy. Six human resource management practices are useful forCustoms administrations to address corruption. Human resources management practices describe the vital roles of combating smuggling to ensure the flow of legitimate trade.  I acknowledged that corruption could destroy the efficient functioning of this system and can diminish the ability of the Customs to achieve its mission. The first practice is providing sufficient salary so that the Custom administrators. I believe this will ensure that they do not accept any bribes as they are already paid well. The second practice is recruiting and retaining personnel that exhibits high standards of integrity. I think it will ensure limited cases of corruption because of vigilant Customs personnel.  The third practice is ensuring staff selection, and promotion are based on the principle of merit.  I believe that it is essential to provide that there is no biasness when recruiting the personnel.

The fourth practice is ensuring that the decision of the deployment and relocation of Customs personnel that hold vulnerable positions for a long time.  I agree that staff should be relocated on a scheduled period so that they do not get comfortable in one position and use it to his advantage such as taking bribes. The fifth practice is providing adequate training and professional development to Customs personnel. I believe that if the Customs personnel get the right training from the onset, they will maintain high ethical standards and fight corruption.  The sixth practice is implementing appropriate performance appraisal. I think that if the Customs Personnel are given incentives or rewards for their jobs through appraisals, they maintain integrity by shunning any corrupt deal or activity.



Ferreira, C., Engelschalk, M., & Mayville, W. (2017).The challenge of combating corruption in customs administrations. The Many Faces of Corruption11, 367-386.


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