The Role of Public Health

The Role of Public Health in times of Population Emergencies and Crisis

It is crucial that staff from the health department to have guidance and information that is readily accessible. Public health professionals establish priorities in responses to disasters. The public health department acts efficiently and quickly at times of disasters and emergencies (Rose et al., 2017). The public health body has the role of responding to population emergencies within the first 24 hours after they occur. According to Rose et al. (2017), public health coordinates with the structure for emergency response in times of floods, earthquakes and times of terrorism.

The Relationship between the National Response Framework Relate to the Role of Public


The NRF gives a framework for government interactions with the local, tribal and states governments (Veenema et al., 2016). The NRF works together with the public health departments to efficiently respond to domestic cases regardless of the situation, complexity,and size. The NRF applies to the federal agencies and departments that they may request to assist them. Within the NRF, the ESF (Emergency Support Functions) give the mechanism for federal assistance to the state, local and tribal resources for actual states and incidences (Veenema et al., 2016).

How the Incident Command System Improve Emergency Response

The Incident Command System gives a guide on how assets should be organized to respond to issues and how the response can be managed through successive stages. The assets are divided into five areas that are functional. These areas are Command, Planning, Finance/Administration, Logistics and operations (Nagarajan, 2018). The command defines the operational period objectives and goals while the operations establish, coordinate and execute the strategy. The logistics and planning support the operations and the command in their use of equipment and supplies. Lastly, Administration and Finance include matters like regulatory compliance, financial accounting and licensure requirements (Nagarajan, 2018).




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