The Role of the UN in Maintaining Peace & Security

The Role of the UN in Maintaining Peace & Security

The United Nation is working to maintain international security and peacearound the globe where security threathas remained common. The primary purpose of the creation of the United Nations was to enhance safety and peaceinternationally after the failure of the League Nations.Despite the United Nations successes, the organization still has experienced failures in some cases.For instance, numerousnumbers of individuals have continued to die, and others left homeless as a result of war or conflicts (Bais&Huijser, 2017).

The United Nation organizationcontinuesto face a lot of challenges regarding how they should deal with the security issue because of the growing cost of handling conflict situationglobally (Bais&Huijser, 2017).TheUnited Nation has reinforced its relationship with bothsub-regional and regionalorganization which plays a more significant role in conflict mediation and prevention.

Some of the threats to international security and peace are widespread terrorist activity in the world. For instance, terrorism is gaining of ideological or religious objective through the use of violence. Countering terrorism has been the agenda of the United Nations system for decades.However, terrorism has occurred through history, and today it doesn't only affect societies but also affects the entire world, and this has caused tensionhence adversely affecting international peace and security(Bais&Huijser, 2017).Therefore, this paper discusses the role of the UN in promoting peace and security in the world.

Advantages of the United Nations(U.N) is Controlling Peace in the World

Burning of Nuclear Weapons around the World

Nuclear weapons are on top of the list of terrifyingcoercions to international security and peace (Barash, 2017). The United Nation has spent extensively incontrolling the number of nuclear weapons around the world.These weapons can easily destroy the earth if mishandled. The United Nations organization has stepped in to condemn countries against keeping and manufacturing of such dangerous weapons. The United Nations has gone ahead to abolish the use of such nuclear weapons as they may as well turn into human and animal health hazard.

United Nations Fights Terrorism

United Nations organization has stepped in to condemn the terrorist act. Besides, the United Nations has formed a solid unity of armed soldiers from various nations to help fight terrorism (Boardman,2016). For instance, the United Nations' soldiers are present in many of the terrorism dominated countries such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh among other terrorism affected areas. The countries possessing nuclear weapons are security and peace threat to each other. They can easily engage in a fight in case one of them happens to strike first. In this fact, the United States steps in by committing the countries in the signing of various peace treaties and agreements. The peace treaties ensure peace and security is maintained as the states arebound by the treaties (Boar

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