The Shangri-la Hotel Sydney


The Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney is among many hotels managed by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited. Currently, the company operates over 100 luxury hotels spread across different parts of the world. The founder of the company, a Malaysian native called Robert Kuok, established the first hotel in 1971. Furthermore, the name Shangri-La comes from a fictitious novel to mean pleasant and beautiful place. The Shangri-La hotel in Sydney is a true definition of its meaning.

Strategic development of the Hotel

Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited first started operating its Sydney hotel in July 2013. Formerly known as ANA Harbour Grand Hotel, Shangri-La hotel is currently among the best performing hotels under the hospitality industry. Situated in the Rocks district, the hotel provides a panoramic view of the Sydney Habour Bridge and Sydney Opera House (Luxury Hotel in Sydney). The hotel has hundreds of rooms, a spa, three restaurants, and a bar. In March 2005, the organization undertook a total refurbishment of the building at an estimated cost of $37 million with the aim of providing luxurious services to its customers (From 0 to 100). Consequently, this move resulted in exponential growth for the company because, in December 2006, it was ranked the best based on its revenue share index and average revenue per day. Besides, the hotel received seven awards which include the Best Luxury Accommodation, Australian Hotels Association Most Creative Marketing Campaign, and NSW Tourism Awards among others (From 0 to 100). Consequently, since its inception, the Shangri-La hotel has been performing exemplary well to meets its strategic goals.

Internal and External Environment of the Organization (SWOT Analysis)

Strengths. The organization’s selling point over the years has been its ambiance and service quality. Also, it faces some of the major monuments in Sydney, Australia, for instance, customers with a passion for opera have a chance to attend all concerts given the hotel's proximity to the Sydney Opera Housen. Additionally, the service quality provided by the hotel meets all international standards of quality because it aims to attract local and foreign tourists. Moreover, the hotel's business philosophy emanates from core Asian values, such as respect, courtesy, selflessness, humility, sincerity, and helpfulness. Such ethics ensure that customers receive exceptional care during vacations. Also,

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