The story of Job


  1. God treats Job in two different ways. In his early life Job is blessed with family and material wealth. Job was very obedient to God. Later on in life, God decides to tempt Job by taking all the material possessions from him. He wanted to test if Job will continue being faithful to him despite the challenges he went through.
  2. Job is a very trustworthy person to God. He trusts in his acts and does not consider what other people comment about his relationship with God. He is ready to continue serving God despite losing all his property and the wife telling him to abuse his God.
  3. Job does not deserve the things God does to him. He was a very faithful person who always trusted in God despite the challenges. However, God did not intend to make his servant suffer. He wanted to test his faith in him by observing his reaction after losing his property and family members.
  4. In the book of Job, God is portrayed as a loving God. He saves Job from the temptation of the devil. This is despite him using the devil to destroy the property which belonged to his servant. The loving character of God is motivated by the faithfulness of Job. He was ready to continue doing the right thing and pleasing his creator despite the many temptations. Job did not have the feeling that God had abandoned him. He was ready to continue being faithful to his creator irrespective of the problems he went through.
  5. God punishes a good man implies that the devil always tempts the people who have strong faith. The main aim of suffering is to try to strengthen their faith in God. Why be good and not rewarded for it implies that people have questions on why the most faithful people undergo a lot of challenges while the evil doers live a very comfortable life. Although the right people are not rewarded for their deeds on earth, they will rejoice during the Day of Judgment.
  6. Satan played a significant role in the story of Job. He was ordered by God to destroy all the property which belonged to his servant. His main aim was to tempt Job, as a way of testing his faith. He was used as an obstacle in the excellent relationship between God and his servant. The role of the devil in the story of Job is different from how we depict him in the current world. He worked in collaboration with God towards the suffering which Job went through. This is contrary to how we perceive him in the contemporary world because we view him as working in contrary to Gods plans in the life of human beings.
  7. If I were Job, I would have lost my faith in God. I would think that my creator had abandoned me in the hands of the devil. The story of Job is similar to that of Abraham and Isaac. In both cases, the servants had a strong faith in God. They were ready to lose their property for the Sake of God. They did not question Gods actions but were prepared to follow his rules to the latter.
  8. The end of the story of Job shows how God has good intentions with the life of Human beings. He is a very caring God, who does not allow his people to suffer beyond their ability. This implies that God cannot abandon humanity because he created people with a good purpose in their lives. This explains why God gave his only son to rescue human beings from the sinful life.

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