The Street by Sanjay Puri Architects

Annually, the Residential Architect Design Awards recognizes the best in housing design. Last year, the jury analyzed 600 entries with an eye for new models developed for the future. The winners at the awards reflect an emphasis on sustainability by employing new technologies in their designs and doing more with less be it resources or space. The awards portrayed the theme; everyone requires a well-designed housing that is elegant and thoughtful irrespective of their economic status. The architects recognized at theaward show how innovation can be applied in designing to improve housing for the new age of living.

Sanjay Puri architects are among the twenty winners recognized at the award for their project “The Street.” The Street is a student housing located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, in India. It is a 211,000 square feet housing project which was completed in 2017 (Gerfen).  The housing complex which is located in GLA University is a four storey tall structure and takes an expression of traditional Indian structures.

The designers maximized on a wedge-shaped site located between repetitive blocks to build the complex structure. They created what they define as a “discernable identity “for the housing by designing each room with a unique angular bay window facing north to capture daylight  and heat during the periods of winter, and regulate the heat gained for the remaining months of the year when temperatures can soar above 30 degreesCelsius (86 F). Each window is fitted with louvers that provide sunshade while allowing natural ventilation. Openings at regular intervals in each block enhance the natural air circulation further. The form shifts in plan creating irregular parts on the floors. It is this irregular parts that create breakout spaces providing natural light to the corridors.



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