The teenage brain is still developing

The teenage brain is still developing

Adolescent brain developmentis simply brain change amongst the teens and depends on age, experience and hormonal changes in puberty. The Frontal brain cortex is the last region to develop amongst the teen. The frontal cortex controls reasoning and helps to think before any action to the adults. Teenagers, however, build information using amygdala whichhelps when there are immediate reactions, for instance, fear, anger, and aggressive behaviors.

Having Undeveloped brained to a teenager is easy to get manipulated to commit crimes at this stage of life due to added pressure and situations from their environmental surrounding. Due to the slow growth of the frontal cortex to the teens, crime committed by a teenager should be justified in a different approach rather than how it’s held to the adults.

Teenagers are also aware of the law of having less punishment and less severe jail terms, these can lead extreme crimes such as massive killings, and it’s to this extent that teens should be held accountable as adults for impulsive behaviors to our justice system. This is because if teenagers are to be confined to the same punishments as adults, they will strive to act like adults.

The justice system, therefore, should apprehend teenagers and adults with the same punishments to reduce crime rates among teens. This means that teenagers are going to have more time in building their careers rather than having negative thoughts.

Creation and adaptation of these systems is to have an impact on the teens to improve their level of capacity thinking and how to make quick decisions avoiding faulty impulsive behaviors.



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