The Theory of Farting


Hiraga Gennai wrote the Theory of Farting to correct, rebuke and challenge actions of certain highly respected members of the society as well as some actions in the community that are evil or not worth as they are perceived to be. To achieve this, he utilizes the story about the theory of farting to correct this inefficiency within the societal setting in an incredibly humorous but a serious way. According to him, the peoples who are recognized as fundamental to the society are such as the musicians, the scholars and the poets are creative neither do they lead to the development of art.

According to Hiraga, society fails to appreciate creativity and innovation especially in the field of art. For example, farting is regarded as a shameful and disgraceful thing by society. However there are creative people like te fartman who uses farting to create a show, and attracts huge crowd compared to the other ordinary musicians. “this musicians caw and croak like crows or night herons, imitating old pieces without putting any feeling into the phrases. They are ignorant of the tempo, changes in the prelude, main section, and finale….”.This is the characteristics of the professional musicians that the society accepts and forbids creative acts in the arts like that of the fat man,(Drake, 654)

The other group that he rebukes and criticizes is the scholars.According to him, scholars spend much time collecting much information from all over the world to hip them, and nothing good comes from them. He refers this to as ‘shitbads.’In addition, the poets and herbal doctors ain’t different. According to Hiraga, the poets “just sit around, but rice grains manage to stick to the bottoms of their feet, and they make a good living” (Drake, 654). This group of people is making a good fortune at little sweat. The same applies to the herbal doctors who are never innovative nor creative in their work but only follow the old methods or later methods rather than creating current ones to cure diseases. This has lent to the death of thousands of people from common ailments and epidemics.


The Theory of farting has therefore been used to condemn the acts of this highly respected groups in the society who can deliver even to basic standards are quick to shut down and condemn creativity of some useful people like the farting man.

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