The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Who propagated tragic demises that happened to Romeo and Juliet? Was it parents of both Romeo and Juliet who had the previous enmity between them? WasMercutio to blame because he was involved in sneaking to the ball which brought together Romeo and Juliet? Ultimately, the blame falls on Friar Laurence for keeping Romeo and Juliet’s relationship a secret. Moreover, he leads to the death of Juliet when he leaves Juliet alone after the death of Romeo. The nurse is also another that can be blamed for she knew what was happening between Romeo and Juliet secretly.

Friar Laurence is involved in advising Romeo and Juliet. He keeps their secret and consummates their marriage. He marries them with a view of averting the feud that existed within their two families. Friar Laurence advices Juliet to take the potion that would prevent her to marry Paris. This was meant to lead to Romeo and Juliet being together ultimately. This was meant to bring Romeo and Juliet together whereby they would elope to Mantua after preventing her marriage to Paris. Friar Laurence writes a letter explaining the plan to Romeo, but unfortunately, the letter does not get to Romeo. Romeo hears about the apparent demise of Juliet through his servants. Romeo does not know that it was part of a plan so he buys poison himself which he would take to die beside the love of his life. He takes the poison and dies, and when Juliet wakes up from the coma, she is heartbroken to find Romeo dead. She takes his dagger and stabs herself. After recounting of the story by Friar Laurence, the two families end their feuds. Nevertheless, the friar should have prevented this by talking to the families personally to ensure that the feud was averted and this would prevent the tragic events to happen. Moreover, the friar was respected by both families; hence they would listen to his advice. As Prince Escalus declares to Friar Laurence “We still have known thee for a holy man” (V.iii. 281) which shows that the friar was respected among both families.

In contrast to the friar, the nurse had some blame on her but frankly could not change much of the outcome because she lost the trust of Juliet. She was also merely a worker without much authority. Her opinions were merely opinions though she was a trusted friend of Juliet. She assists Juliet to send letters to Romeo and also says that she will call Romeo to go and comfort Juliet as she feels lonely “Hie to your chamber. I’ll find Romeo comfort you“(iii, 2, 1862). She also plays a significant role when Juliet was marrying Romeo in secrecy. Unfortunately, though she knows that Juliet and Romeo are married, she still urges Juliet to accept Paris thus betraying Juliet’s trust. After all, she is the one that gives the banishment news of Romeo to Juliet. This is because she thinks that the banishment of Romeo will ensure that they never see each other again. In contrast to the friar, the nurse could not do much to prevent the tragedy because she was just a worker in the house of Capulet.

The least blamed person can be Paris who only wanted to get to marry Juliet if you compare to the Friar and the nurse who handle the Romeo and Juliet issue first hand. He was just an unfortunate sixteenth-century aristocrat using his money to get a bride. He was not purposely a tool. He got up caught in the Romeo and Juliet drama without much information of knowing what was going on. He has come to get the hand of Juliet to get married before he gets the news of her alleged demise. He visits her body and unfortunately encounters Romeo; they have a fight where he ends up getting killed. This is the only violent act that he is involved in. Another person who can be least blamed is Lord Montague because he is unwilling to bend his life-feud for anything. Without his grudge with Capulet which has mandate saying “we hate these people, for inexplicable reasons,” Tybalt could never have challenged Romeo in a duel that led to his death.

In conclusion, Friar Laurence is the most to blame because he has the knowledge of the proceedings and he could have done more. He could have talked to both families to stop their feud which would have led to peace and proper marriage between Romeo and Juliet. In contrast, though the nurse could only give her perspective and nothing more so she could not have changed much of the outcome.