The UK Health Care Market


The United Kingdom can be termed as being one of the most developed countries and offers quality health care and social services to its citizens. The United Kingdom is located in the North Western Coast of Europe and includes the Northern- Eastern region of Ireland, Great Britain, and other Islands. Based on the previous census, the United Kingdom has a population of more than 60 million individuals.  The United Kingdom has improved economic and social structures. The government offers health care services to more than 50 million permanent residents.

Health care services in the country can be defined as being free at the point of need with the medical cost being cover by general taxation (Cylus et al. 2015, 115). An example is the fact that close to 18% of citizen’s income is directed to the funding of health care services. Focusing on the past years indicates that the country allocates an estimate of 8% of the total GDP to health care services. Other than the public health acres sector, it is worth noting that the UK has a vibrant private sector that has played a crucial role in the transformation of the health care sector.

Functioning of the United Kingdom Health Care Sector

The organization of the United Kingdom Health acres services can be traced to the 194s. It is during this period that the government founded the National Health Service (NHS).  Before this period, health care services were poorly organized with health services being available to wealth class. It implies that there was the marginalization of the poor class, therefore, leading to a high mortality rate. In 1911, there had been attempts to change the public health care sector through the introduction of the National Insurance Act by David Lloyd George. The initiative saw the deduction of a small amount on incomes to cater to health care services.

The initiative was followed by the creation of tripartite health care systems where there was a division of services into primary care, hospital services, and community services. However, this division often leads to challenges in both the funding and delivery of health care services. It is during the Thatcher years that the country recorded significant improvements in the health care sector (Cylus et al. 2015. 85).  The formation of NHS is often cited as having been one of the most important steps in the restructuring of the health care sector.  Currently, there are significant improvements in the quality of medical services in the country.

There has been the creation of many efforts that allows doctors and other health care providers to have better control of the medical processes. An example is the fact that 80% of the NHS budget is controlled by doctors as this ensures that there is an allocation of funds to priority areas. The changes are based on the need to reduce the time and cost spent in access to medical services. The objective of the NHS is to ensure that all individuals are in a position to access quality and affordable services. The move is in line with the goal of the government to ensure that there is equality in the access to quality health care services regardless of the levels of income, and race.

Since the 1990s, the NHS budget has been trending up thus indicating that there is an allocation of adequate resources to cater for medical needs. A similar trend can be seen in the private sector where the insurance players have taken a central role in shaping the NHS.  It is worth noting that the insurance firms in the country account for more than 15% of the medical costs.  The positive trend can be linked to the move by the government to create internal markets in the health care sector with the goal of including more stakeholders in the sector.

Major Health Carriers in the United Kingdom

The National Health Service monitors the United Kingdom Health Care insurance system. Based on the report issued by W.H.O. The government funds 85% of the health care expenses. The private sector pays the remaining 15% of medical expenses.  There has been a significant development in employer insura

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