The wealth and poverty of nations

The wealth and poverty of nations

The wealth and poverty of nations talk about why some countries lag in development while others have improved economy. Most of the countries from the west have been having high economy compared to other countries around the world. However, some countries from Asia have also improved in their economy making them compete with the European nations. Some of the factors that led to the high economy in these states include open economy, use of technology, increased productivity and pursuit for change. The paper will focus on Lande’s argument on the position of the West as well as the position of China in terms of economy.

I agree with Lande argument about the position of the west. According to him, the western countries had an open type of government which has seen them have a high economy. In the olden days, the European countries had an open kind of economy that allowed them to trade freely. As such, there was an exchange of skills among them that lead to an improvement in most of their industries. The development in the sectors made the countries to have high income that they sued in the developmental processes.  Most people got employment, and the government collected adequate revenue that was used in the development.

Most of the western countries have improved technology that enables their economy to move higher than other countries. They used techniques in places like factories and agricultural sector to make work easier. Their production was high because of the technology that reduces some workload from employees. Technology led to the development of various sectors thus increase in the rate of production. The larger population in the western countries were employed and knew how to use technology.

I agree with the idea that western countries had a modern infrastructure that enables them to be ahead of other countries around the world. They have improved transport which facilitates smooth movement of raw material to the factory as well as the finished product to the market. As such, there was no spoilage of products making the customers to get quality products. This made them have countries all over the world. Similarly, the state had a good communication system that ensured that the factories connect with the customers. They were able to communicate and coordinate the activities of various companies around the world. As such, many companies had an easy time delivering information to the employees and the stakeholders of the different companies.

Lastly, I attend to agree that the western countries, the gap between the rich and the poor is not wide compared to other countries. Even though the society is divided into economic classes, the rich do not dominate the population as they had a tax system where the people with high income are taxed much more than the people with low income. This was to moderate the income of the people in the society as much income generates from high-income earner could be used to generate revenue for the unemployed and the fewer income earners. Also, the state had good health care where people were treated with diseases. This was to ensure that the citizens had an improved living standard that is a motivation for them to continue working towards achieving the various projects of the country.

The current position of China

I agree with the lande positioning of China as the developed countries because of some inventions that they made. China started to apply technology in various sectors that made them improve in the economy. Printing was invented in, and it helps them to receive a lot of income from countries that came for printing material from them. Their invention of the block format of writing limited the space in writing. As many such countries learned this from them making the popular. China rose from a developing country into a developed country because of the various inventions that they made. The citizen had an excellent skill that caused them to be innovative and creative in multiple fields.

Secondly, China had improved agriculture that made it grow in its economy. The climate in China is favorable to support agriculture that caused them to be ahead of the countries. The environments were predictable making them plant crops and cultivate enough that could sustain the increasing population. Most of the Chinese industries had enough labor they were able to work in the company to increase the production. The primary source of labor came from immigrants who grow in the country from other countries. They provided cheap labor both skilled and semi-skilled who worked in the various sectors hence improving the countries economy.  Due to increased population, the towns and cities around China developed making China have high society worldwide.

Most of the Chinese citizen had advanced education making them to a high population composed of the literate people who were able to work in the companies that require skills. This made the country to be independent as they could not look for the worker from outside the country to do some work.  They were able to exchange skills among themselves that make the work easy. Even though the labor was also provided by the immigrants who had come into the country, China also had a high population and was able to provide enough labor in their country. Similar t the European states, China also had a tax system where they tax high much from the high-income earners and less money from the low-income earners hence reducing the gap between the rich and the poor. The reduced gap ensured that there is equitable distribution of resources in the country bringing regionally balanced development.

Rewriting the last end of the book

The purpose of the book talks about the losers and the gainers from global wealth. This relates clearly with the vision of many countries in 2018 as many of the states struggle to maintain their industrialization. Most of the developing countries try very hard to ensure that they achieve full employment and drive away cases such as poverty in their countries. Even though this remains a dream to be achieved, many leaders around the work with each state to have an open economy that can help in the fostering international trade. Countries aim to have a stable economy that can support all the citizens in the countries. Free economy improves in the exchange of the skills hence making the states to have innovative people that can help the savings to grow. The growth of economies is essential in ensuring that cases such as terrorism are prevented since most people who involve in such acts lack employment. The growth of countries depend on the type of leadership which must be, and cases such as corruption are prevented for regionally balanced development.


In conclusion, the wealth and poverty of the nations is a book that addresses the wealth that is occupied by various western countries as well as some states that arise from Asian countries. Western countries developed due to an improved economy that was brought by a number of factors. Most of the countries utilized technology in their sectors that mad their work is so easy. They had a high population that provided both skilled and semi-skilled labor in the various factories in the country. To reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, the different countries used a tax system where the high-income earners were taxed much hence utilizing the income in providing essential services to the poor.  As such, there was improved living standards in these states as many of the citizens were able to get proper medical that improved their health.  China is a country that has also grown like other European states making its economy to high like the countries in the west. This is as a result of the various inventions and technology that they applied in the sectors such as agriculture making their production to increase.