Third of May and Guernica

The first artwork is known as Third of May. It is a painting that was created by Francisco Goya who was a Spanish painter. The political environment involved was tense. It was a period when Napoleon instigated a plan to conquer Spain. Initially, the Spanish citizens welcomed the French due to the political reform that they brought. However, on 2nd May 1808 there was a rumor about the plans that the French had of executing the royal family. The next day, the Spanish citizens rose against the French. This resulted in a bloody street fighting that was followed by mass arrests. Hundreds of people were executed by the French firing squad during this period.

The second artwork is an oil painting referred to as Guernica. The painting was created by a Spanish artist known as Pablo Picasso. The event that resulted in the creation of this painting is the attack of Guernica city by German bombers. By the end of the attack, 75% of the buildings had been destroyed while a third of the population was either wounded or killed. The truth emerged that these actions were as a result of the German air force training mission.  More than One million protestors flocked in Paris, and Picasso started to create sketches of these atrocities.

Both paintings involved oil on canvas. The paintings were being created for the world to see the atrocities that were being encountered in the relevant regions. They also tried to show the horrors that come with war.

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