“Thirteen” is an America drama

Thirteen is an America drama produced in 2003, whose plot covers the life of Tracy, a high school girl who indulges in drug abuse after being befriended by a stubborn boyfriend. As a teenager and being exposed to peer pressure, Tracy finds herself easily moved by her boyfriend Evie to start abusing drugs which end up worsening her situation. The condition worsens because the mother is not protective and ends up allowing her drug addict ex-boyfriend to take advantage of the situation and violate the teenager. The situation pushes her into a state of neglect and makes her develop a mental disorder that puts her life at risk. The symptoms of Tracy are as a result of a mental disorder informed by the signs which can be well understood through conducting a diagnosis using the ICD-10 codes, possible treatment methods and the medical assessments that would accurately diagnose the condition of the character

Tracy develops extreme stress resulting in a mental illness that risks her wellbeing. The main thing that exposes her to all thesetragedies is the kind of relationship that the teenager develops with the mother, a recovering alcoholic. Melanie is not protective of her child which makes her develop symptoms self-destructive behavior. Themental disorder that Tracy is suffering from can be understood through conducting a character based diagnosis based on the use of ICD-10 codes which provide a theoretical description based on the symptoms of mental disorder. The ICD-10 codes are a theoretical way in which the health condition of a patient can be evaluated, through the observable symptoms. The codes provide a method of classification of health conditions that are somewhat similar, but are differentiated by one or two symptoms



The first step when using the ICD-10 codes is the analysis of the observable symptoms of the character.  Tracy portrays strange symptoms such as the indulging in drug abuse, sex, as well as the self-destructive habits like cutting of herself. All these conditions justify that Tracy has a mental disorder which makes her portray unstable moods in the kind of relationship she has with her close family members. Thenature in which her moods change from one given situation to another demonstrates the unpredictable nature of her moods. The identification of the correct symptoms makes it easier to use the ICD-10 codes

Secondly, the diagnosis of the condition that Tracy is suffering from will need a clear analysis of the symptoms for easier identification of where the condition lies within the provided codes. This will involve the search for the alphabetic index for a diagnostic term which is informed by the causal agent of the symptoms that are being witnessed.  The location of the diagnostic term first starts with the learning of the symptoms of the patient. In this case, Tracy portrays patterns of emotional change, which is evident from the unstable relationships she has wi

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