Three Likes About John Dewey

Three Likes About John Dewey

John Dewey is a philosopher and a psychologist, and there are a lot of activities that he enacted in promoting and enhancing the education that the current society should be smiling about. In this paper, we will, therefore, look at the three most useful ideas that Dewey brought about in teaching and learning.

To begin with, he introduced the theory of pragmatism whereby he encouraged a system of teaching that is student focused. He insisted that the student was the primary focus in the teaching and learning process and therefore, the education system is supposed to design a teaching system that mainly focuses on the needs and requirements of the student.

According to his ideology, a teacher is not supposed to dictate on what the students are to be taught in the classroom but rather should be there to guide them as per their fundamental problems in learning. I like this concept because it concentrates on the students and ensures that the teacher always goes with the pace of the learners in the classroom. It also provides that the learners are content with whatever they are taught by exploring their weak areas and working on them by the help and guide of the teacher who is there to guide and support them.

The second concept that I like about John Dewey is by the fact that insisted that the society should understand that school should not be viewed as a means of preparing life but rather a form of life itself. From this point, it is vital to note that the education system should not just let students be passive learners under the curriculum but rather they should be accorded an opportunity to interact with the curriculum. This is because when the learners and given a chance to participate in the learning process, it steers them to engage and perform effectively even with activities in the real-life situation outside of school.

According to Dewey, the society should not view the schools as places where the students go and learn figures and facts but rather a place where they are prepared for real life. Therefore, I like this concept because it elaborates that a school is a place where not only a student learns particular skills (however this is vital) but rather a situation where a learner has the opportunity to explore his/her full potential so they can apply it effectively in their future life.

The third and the last concept that I like about John Dewey is that he was able to bring a breakthrough among the two schools of thoughts that were in existence at his time. These were the philosophy of being curriculum centered and also being too much student-centered. His breakthrough entailed that the two concepts should be broken into a midway whereby there should be an ideal balance between the two.

From this concept, Dewey insisted that having a sufficient balance between the two philosophies would enable the teachers and the students to effectively engage in the learning process for an effective positive outcome. Therefore, this concept is vital since it allows teachers to in the current society to devise teaching mechanisms that balance between the aspect of student-centered and that of a curriculum focused so that the best outcome of learning can be effectively attained.

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