Three Story Summaries by Gunesekera

The Cook’s Joy begins with the narrator on a journey which has taken hours. Mister Salgado is the driver. The narrator describes to us the geography of the land through which they are passing. I understand they are passing through a coastal area. The narrator also explains how they occasionally overtake a smoking bus or a lorry, and this shows the high speed they are traveling at. I also noted that the narrator’s voice sounds as if he is tired of the journey.

When they arrive at Mister Salgado’s bungalow, the narrator starts doing what he usually does. His chores are what get me thinking that the narrator is a female. The narrator then describes the bungalow. He also explains his feelings about the sea at strong tide at night. She is afraid of it. Salgado’s tool which according to him, might save them from the sea is a gridded and numbered stick, which he does not believe in, though he had never raised the issue.

Dias is not also convinced that the tool works. During their meal, Dias mentions the tool and it became the topic of discussion during the meal. They talk about how a small sample of information can b

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