To Go or Not To Go

To Go or Not To Go

Section 4

Questions based on a “justice” perspective (benefits and burdens).

  1. Which alternatives distribute the benefits and burdens most fairly among the stakeholders?

Given the facts and ethical issues, Boris can pursue his MBA program and take up the opportunity to be an intern in the Moscow office being offered by Julie who is a partner of the accounting firm that Boris works. Based on a justice perspective, Boris should consider the benefits of going to Moscow and how it will help him both professionally and personally as he has relatives in Russia. On the other hand, the burden that lies ahead in his career plans and he does not know how to tell Julie,

  1. Which stakeholder will possibly benefit the most from the situation?

Boris will benefit from this situation. He can enroll in the internship exchange program from January to May. Come back to the main office until July and enroll in the MBA program in August.

  1. Which stakeholder(s) will possibly bear the greatest burden from the situation?

Boris bears the greatest burden of telling his friend Julie about his career plans with regards to the MBA program. He knows he does not have long-term plans with the firm but does not want the opportunity to advance professionally to pass him.

What Are the Practical Constraints?

  1. Boris must make the decision about the exchange program before information on the MBA program | and funding will be available.

Boris should take up the internship exchange program as it will take place before he enrolls in theMBA program. During, the internship program, he can discuss with his relatives about his plan. After Boris decided that he will register for the MBA program that offers the trail financial aid package and pursue his career goals.

  1. Although Boris has a high probability of being accepted for the exchange program as well as the MBA program, acceptance is not guaranteed.

Julie, who is a partner training and development, believes that Boris is the best candidate for the exchange program to Mosco as he meets all the requirements. Julie even writes a letter of recommendation and advice Boris to apply immediately. Notably, there is a high possibility that he will get the exchange program. However, for the MBA program, the trial financial aid package for top students is not guaranteed in the near future for the first year students. Furthermore, he has to wait until February to get the final decision from the university.