To Partner or Not to Partner with a Retail Company

To Partner or Not to Partner with a Retail Company


The case is about the dilemma of that is facing the University Healthcare Services which has had a successful business for many years serving its patients in a metropolitan area along the coast. It is affiliated to an institution of higher learning as well as being one of the leading research centers in the country. The management of the facility has realized that things are changing more rapidly than they used. One of its major competitors, Kaiser Permanente, has already resolved to join hands with one of the leading stores, Target to reach more customers. The management also realized that it was not giving the best health care services since its concentration was on the wellbeing of the inpatient with no much efforts to keep people away from the hospital. The management needs to be advised on how to approach the issue of the partnership since it does not have the required experience nor expertise.

Role Identification

In the case, I would assume the role of a hired outside consultant to come along and advice the University Healthcare Services on the steps to take to enter into partnership as well as the people who should be involved in the decision-making process. The advantages of outsourcing a consultant include the availability of capability, skills and the expertise that the internal employees may not have, secondly is the possibility of having a new way of thinking that may facilitate the decision-making process. The advantages may include the possibility that the consultant Amy not know wants happens in the field or the organization and also it is expensive to higher a person from outside the organization.

Identification of Diversity Issues

The diversity issues identified include the diverse customers who are served by the University Healthcare Services as well as the diversity within the management of the organization.

Major Problems and Secondary issues

The major problems facing the University Healthcare Service is the lack of promptness in adjustment to changes. They still lag behind their competitors who shifted enough to recognize the benefits of partnership and have already started to enjoy the benefits of the change. Secondly, the organizational lacks qualified personnel in matters of change and partnership; for that reason, they have to spend money to hire external consultants.

Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

The strengths that the organization has is that they have a large base of customers and that their name is already known by most of the residents within the area of operation. The weaknesses are the lack of ability to adapt fast to changes as well as the lack of qualified personnel to advice on partnership.

Alternative and Solutions

The alternatives that are available to the organization include: they have a chance to hire an external consultant who will guide them through the steps of entering into a partnership with retailers. They also have to involve all departments in the organization in the change process so that those who may be required to change location can be prepared early in advance. They should put together a team of all the heads of the departments that will be led by the external consultant.


The team responsible for the decision making should make sure that all possible benefits and disadvantage of the partnership are listed and compared. The venture should be accepted only if the benefits out ways the possible disadvantages. There should be a plan for the implementation of the venture with set targets and controls that will make sure that everything goes on as desired.




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