Town Sports International Holdings, Inc.: Unsquashable (Entertainment and Leisure)

Town Sports International Holdings, Inc.: Unsquashable (Entertainment and Leisure)

Case Synopsis

The economic output deterioration of Town Sports International Holdings, Inc (TSI) in recent years resulted from its struggles to expand the base of the club as well as retaining its members. TSI is a fitness training company established on squash.TSI shifted its attention to shareholder wealth maximization and off-balance sheet to pay out to investors by funding a special cash dividend. They focused more on the facilities used for fitness and monthly membership and the improvement in economic conditions.  This condition resulted from an economic downturn. Economic downturn should ensure that favorable growth operation rates in the industry of fitness club lead to a predicted turn around (Wheelen et al., 2018). The environment in which the company is operating on requires it to be consistent in keeping up with the status of that particular environment. This consistency is essential to achieve positive experiences in the world of fitness. The organization should also be able to decide on whether to continue using its ancient customer retention means to generate more revenue or come up with new operational options.







Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision faced by the organization

In the case of decision making, TSI should have in mind how it intends to use in reta

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