Training in Hospitals

Training is one of the best means of reducing negligence in hospitals. While other methods of addressing negligence have been identified, other factors such as giving leaves, and sending its based on the nursing code of conduct also provide an opportunity to discuss the nursing negligence adequately. Training is one of the significant aspects presented to the nursing profession during their program at the nursing school. Through precise guideline and coursework and residential medical practice, the nurses gain hands-on skills in handling patients. Besides, it is evident that every nurse qualifies to provide the best training in any profession. They are expected to adopt proper procedures when treating patients’. However, just as any other human being they are prone to errors.

The chosen solution was training the nursing personnel. The method is one of the best strategies to, address the problem, it is essential to discuss significant benefits and the core aspects that support the preferred solution. Training is one of the processed that require the efforts of organizational management and other stakeholders. Besides, it needs financial resources to host the events and engage the essential personnel necessary for the training program. The process also requires the materials for training the nurses. For example, the presentation material or availing the software needed for conducting training require adequate financial resources. Therefore, the hospital has to gather for such a new budget. Even though few institutions would adopt and avail such resources for the preparation of its nurses, most of the hospitals o healthcare institutions are not prepared primarily with the fact the nursing personnel makes a majority of the healthcare professionals.

It would be difficult to disrupt the normal running of the constitution for conducting training. Even though the process can be performed in sessions, it is still challenged with the strict nursing schedule. Also, when the emergency cases occur where every using personnel is required to respond to such an event.

Training upgrades the skills of the nursing personnel. However, the method should be conducted based on individual enrolment to, a particular program. Thus the nurses would find the appropriate time and undergo the training. Besides they would be allowed to sponsor themselves. Thus the healthcare should outline that some of such training programs are compulsory and therefore every nurse would find his or her appropriate time to undergo the training. For the cases where negligence occurs or results from a particular instance as the one described, the institution should outline a protocol where preparation is thus made compulsory to the nurses who commit negligence issues.

Training should also be offered on the nurses based on the extent of errors made. Even though mistakes have no room in the nursing profession, reporting of such cases occur on a regular basis. Thus, the nursing code of conduct should outline methods of addressing the problems. It should, therefore, classify the level of errors with the required penalties associated with them. As a result, every nurse would often be keen to deliver their duties with the highest codes of conducts.

Errors that lead to cases of negligence are inevitable in any healthcare system. However, the strategies toward reducing the problem should emphasize on the strict code of conducts. One of the means of adopting this is to outline a system and the penalties linked to certain levels of negligence. Consequently, every nursing professional would strive to deliver appropriate services and minimize cases of neglect. Training is one of the most important strategies to address problems. However, it is challenged by significant factors such as time resources and the ability to deliver the right skills that address specific forms of negligence.

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