Trifles Susan Glaspell “Symbolism and Character Motivation”

At the turn of the 20th century, the present view on gender rights and equality did not exist. During the time, males clearly governed every aspect of life and females were left with little significance. Throughout history, gender roles placed women in the kitchen where they were expected to prepare meals and serve their men as well as be good mothers to their children and submissive caretakers to their husbands (Chaisilwattana 11). Towards the end of the century, women started fighting for equal rights and struggled hard to free themselves from the stereotypical roles that society had cast them into. Writers such as Susan Glaspell used symbolism in her literary works to fight for gender equality.

"Trifles" is a play authored by Susan Glaspell and discusses the stereotypes held against women as well as the female perspective about men.  Although the author uses verbal flashbacks of the events that had happened the previous day when John Wright was murdered, the entire plot in this play begins and ends in a span of one day. Glaspell also presents a unified plot to create a single setting which is Mr. Wright’s isolated farmhouse kitchen (Glaspell 391).  In essence, the entire plot is centered on John Wright's murder and his wife, Mrs. Wright, happens to be the main suspect. The County Attorney, Mr. Hale and the Sheriff are in charge of thi

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