True Color Evaluation: Compare and Contrast

True Color Evaluation: Compare and Contrast

A true color test is useful in discerning personalities. I undertook the examination with a colleague who also happens to be a long-time friend. Admittedly, we know each other very well and have the same interest. However, I wanted to understand the extent to which we were alike and different.


I recently completed my true color evaluation with a friend and colleague. I admit the results were fascinating. Both of us had very high scores in the orange column. This means that my friend and I are very generous, witty, optimistic, and fun-loving. This score makes sense because we are both adventurous and like sharing with others as noted in our charity efforts. Again, we are very imaginative individuals when it comes to completing tasks. It is a joy to give unconventional solutions, which have made us popular with other workers. Equally, we also have high gold color scores. Indeed, we are loyal, reliable, and organized. Judging from our relationship, which existed for years even before we began working together, I agree that we are loyal to each other. We are also organized and sensible in our endeavors. We also had relatively the same blue color scores. It means that we are sympathetic and friendly. The analysis revealed what I always suspected about our personalities; we are caring and loyal people. Having these common traits with my friend and colleague assures me that our relationship will continue to exist for the foreseeable future.


Despite our similarities, my colleague and I differ on the green score. I had a higher green score than my colleague. I admit I am more of a perfectionist than she is and I tend to be meticulous with my work. I realize that I have a lot of improvement to make on my personality.

To conclude, the activity was exciting and educative. I know what I share in common with my friend and where we differ. I chose my friend and colleague because although we know each other, I wanted to understand how different we were. I respect these differences as they make us unique individuals.