True Colors Personality Test

True Colors Personality Test helps us to recognize our potential and comprehend the characteristics of our individualities, our hidden abilities and talents, our emotional tendencies and natural predispositions (Supli, Norshuhada and Azizi16). I am a gold color individual. I have most of the personality traits characterizing gold color individuals such as stability, punctuality, and anxiety. However, not all attributes in the group describe my personality. This paper seeks to analyze the results of the True Colors Personality Test on an individual’s life.

The gold personality color influences both my home and my work life. Due to my focus on tasks and structure, I perform well in my workplace through punctuality and completion of duties. Additionally, my ability to handle details makes the organization depend on my skills. On the other hand, the gold color personality helps me build long term relationships with friends and family. Also, my conservative views on the subjects of love and marriage strengthen my relationships due to my seriousness on the issues. However, the serious nature becomes a challenge in making new friends(Supli, Norshuhada and Azizi17).

The personality traits included in the True Colors Personality Test are many and varying in degree. It is therefore impossible to score evenly on all four colors. No one has ever come close to scoring equally on the four colors (Carroll 1). Since every individual has a combination of all the four colors, it makes it difficult to score evenly on the colors. One cannot be defiant and still follow the rules at the same time. However, it is normal for an individual to have close scores in two colors but not four.

In summary, the True Colors Personality Test helps people in understanding themselves and others based on personalities. According to the test,  the gold color best describes my character. The color influences both my social and work life. However, an individual cannot score evenly on the four colors.



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