Merriam Webster dictionary defines mediocre as moderate or of low quality, value, ability or performance. The article highlights that the most common type of mediocrity in the corporate sectoris the uncaring mediocrity. It’s an accidental outcome which results from following a standardized service delivery prescribed by rigid rule books (schid) and common mapped out a uniform procedure in an industry.

It gives an example of a cottage industry where mechanization and industrialization have brought about homogenization in the sector where they strive to provide services just for a bargain. Workers are not being given a significant role while delivering services and are reduced to just performing the routine chore. They give up trying to improve on their service delivery and wait for their shift to end and pass on the tasks to their colleagues and can’t wait to get rid of the monotonous work. Job responsibilities tend to be narrowly and unimaginatively defined, tightly categorized by grade and scope of duties and can be further rigidified by union salaries (schid). This has contributed to workers just settling for mediocrity since it’s easier to adapt that way.

As a consequence, the services and products in this kind of homogenous industry rob not only the workers of the sense of compassion and a sense of belonging to their work but also reciprocate the same to the customers they interact with. This still has far-reaching effects since even if a customer whom the services were rendered to was to raise the alarm about the poor and low quality of services and products offered it’s likely not to make a significant effect upon the masses who are accustomed to standardized products and services. Customers thus find such organizations frustrating to deal with. Faced with bureaucratic hassles, lack of service flexibility and the unwillingness of employees to make an effort to serve them better due to their jobs being distinctively and unimaginatively define (schid). So as many organizations strive to be like manyworldwide corporations scaling up the globe, they shouldn’t heading in a constant traditional average though a guaranteed mode of service delivery in a dynamic world.

The article indicatesthat focused mediocre is intentional. It consists of satisfying the largest number to keep complainants at bay. This is more common in the medical sector where practitioners provide medical covers to cater for almost all and still making the more complicated medical procedures expensive and inaccessible to the poor who just settle for the mediocre services available to them. Some stakeholders such as insurance companies shove up the shelf claims leading to delayed treatments and even offering of cheaper generic medicines

For accidental mediocrity organizations are too busy or lazy to heed to peoples taste or preferences, focusing on production and scaling to maximise. Levit (1983)claimed that three decades ago that the new technological developments will lead to homogenisation of consumer needs and wants as consumers were likely to have typical products of standardized quality. This has been witnessed in products such as  mobile phones and other electronics. Companies and organization are greatly concerned with their next product launch at consumer’s expense of improvement of an earlier model

For a career one should not indulge in a restrictive career rather one should embrace a fully engaged focused career. Go into vibrant high performing and productive organizations not embedded on the shadows of multinationals and also where team work, passion and room for growth rather than specialisation are acknowledged and excellence rewarded. when choosing a career one should strive to give the absolute best and create a far reaching customer service delivery which sticks and memorable to the customer.



Merriam-Webster Dictionary



Accessed 23 February 2019

  1. Levitt, (1983), “The globalization of Markets”, The McKinney Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, p.102

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