The U.S Department of Health and Human Services

The Child Support Enforcement page provides links to different agencies dealing with the particular human service. It avails information on employers, partners and the relevant policies. In addition, it asserts the importance of partners in promoting parental responsibility.

The section of foster care is dedicated towards the provision of services to foster families. It provides links to grants, laws as well as programs in the field. The children’s Bureau is tasked with the responsibility of enrolling foster parents and providing funds for the same.

The section on homelessness explains the role of HHS in providing healthcare to the homeless. This is attained through coordination both within and outside the department. It partners with the Interagency Council of Homelessness to reach out to people experiencing homelessness.

The page on adoption outlines the role of HHS through the Children’s Bureau in eliminating the barriers to adoption. It outlines the various programs and incentives that promote the support of families that adopt children. It further lists the grants and funding opportunities for such families.

The HHS website has a section dedicated to programs for seniors. This section lists the different agencies that provide programs for the improvement of seniors’ well-being. Also, it shows the different agencies involved in these activities and the different funding options available.

The section on supporting military families is structured to appreciate the role of military families in securing the country. There are different programs geared towards providing resources to these families for their sacrifice. It also shows job openings as well as health programs for these families.

The last section is on programs for people with disabilities. These programs are aimed at improving the well-being of people with disabilities. The site provides a list of available programs and their availability.

Through the site navigation, I have appreciated the need for special programs to cater for the needs of special groups in society. I have learned about the challenges facing military families and the need to cater for these needs. The people listed in these categories lack some basic privileges and should be helped by the government. They lack in one way or another, and they need a common voice to help them feel like part of the society.


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