U.S. Refugee Policy and the Economy

U.S. Refugee Policy and the Economy


This paper discusses the evaluation of the impacts of hosting the refugees in the economy and the refugee policies that define the role, the immigration and the welfare of the refugees in the United States. To achieve this, the paper provides an overview of the older refugee’s policies and the current ones in the United States and how the regulation of the number of refugees has contributed to economic significance.

The Origin of the Refugees Policy

The immigration of people to the United States drew the attention of the government by the 18th century.  Indeed, the migration to the United States was not restricted and the government sought to respond to such. In response, the federal government avowed its control by putting in place laws that regulated the incoming of people. The sentiments of President Franklin hastened the formation of theImmigration Acts by 1753. He claimed that the state would become a German colony, and the Americans would start training to use the German language if the immigrationfrom German is not controlled (Aziz et al. 3). As a result, the first Act was formed in 1875 which strictly stood against the entry of Asians in the US without permission while exempting those convicted in their home countries for aberrant offenses (Aziz et al. 4).  A year later, the Act operated in three dimensions which were; exempting particular groups, putting barriers to the immigrants such as tests on literacy and economic self-sufficiency, and controlling the immigration based on national origin quotas. Another immigration Act was formed in 1917 which responded to the concern that the standards of the American had declined due to the influx of people (Aziz et al. 4). The above laws were later contained in the National Origins Act, which codified all the laws by posing more barriers to admission of refugees, besides being criticized for operating under race, prejudice, and assimilations.

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