Uber Breaches


Uber is one of the fast-growing organizations around the world in terms of technology. Ubers field of work is situated around the taxi, food delivery, and a bicycle-sharing system. All of its services are done online and using technological gadgets to secure them to their destinated customers. The most successful segment of uber is that of the taxi cab hailing where they mostly outsource small vehicles to be used as taxis. With this, they operate through an online mobile app where different drivers are uploaded and customers given the opportunity to engage them when in need of the cub services. However, in October 2016, their systems were hacked, and information about their customers was leaked.

Uber Hacking Menace

In 2016 the company was involved in cybersecurity whereby personal information of 57 million customers and drivers was bleached. The management of the company, however, decided to conceal this information and never disclosed it to the affected people or the world out there. It was until recently after the then CEO Travis Kalanick ended his tenure and was succeeded by the current head Dara Khosrowshahi. Khosrowshahi decided to put it point blank that the hacking took place and some information was leaked. He also confessed that the hackers who had been involved in the fraudulent process were paid a total of $100,000 to delete the information the bleached and never to disclose their actions to the public.

This was not ethical at all, and after the disclosure by the current CEO, the hacking has revived different issues concerning how the company runs its activities. One person started a hashtag that demanded people seize from using the uber services while accusing the company of exploiting a specific taxi driver from New York. Another blogger accused the company of gender discrimination where they did not respect women. In the actions of the united state against the issues of bleaching depends on which state the fraud has been detected. In some courts, the judges permit clients to file lawsuits if they detect a breach of information. In other states, the courts require the plaintiffs to prove beyond reasonable doubt that their information has been tampered with.

Ways to prevent a future breach to the company

To prevent a future breach, there are several measures that the Uber company needs to put in place to avoid the company going to a downfall. One of the measures they can employ is the restriction of people who have access to sensitive information about the company. With this information, trending will be limited, and the chances of bleach information will be minimal. Another technology way to curb this vice is where the company should install high end encrypted passwords to stop hackers from accessing the database. The current CEO of Uber confessed that they bleached information had not been encrypted and this is the main reason that made the hackers to access the company’s database easily. With the database being encrypted the customer’s information would be safe, and hackers are barred completely.


Uber is one of many companies that have faced hacking and breach of data incidences over that last few years. The world is experiencing a significant transformation whereby technology is taking over in almost every industry. However, hackers are trying to manipulate many of the companies systems, and the issues of cybersecurity and online fraud are on the rise. Uber and other companies that have suffered from this vice should come up with different security measure to prevent further losses. If this issue is not looked into from a broader perspective, many companies face the risk of facing a downfall from the competitive market.




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