Uganda Tourist Brochure

Uganda Tourist Brochure

Welcome to Uganda

Uganda is a country located in African continent in the east Africa region. It is an independent republic that borders Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Over the years, the country has remained a safe and attractive tourist destination.  The country has been receiving numerous visitors both from within and international tourists. Uganda has a majority of tourist attractions ranging from natural wonders, recreation, historical landmarks, arts, entertainment, culture, and traditions just to mention a few. Though a developing country, it is important noting that the country has distinct touristic offerings that make it a special destination for domestic and international tourism. The different parts of the republic have distinct features, products and destination that are critical to the development of tourism in the Republic.

Why visit Uganda

As earlier mentioned, most of the people all over the world may fail to understand the fun and satisfaction likely to come from Uganda. However, this brochure will be essential in offering critical information to prospective tourists. The east African land locked country has various tourist destinations such as the snow-capped Mt. Ruwenzori and Lake Victoria among others several destinations and activities that any tourist would envy to enjoy.  The country has various international airports thus making the country very accessible. After going through this brochure, I firmly believe that I will see you in some of these destinations soon.


Top Destinations

As earlier mentioned, the country has various tourist attraction destinations. It is prudent to pointy out that Uganda has a very diverse culture, landscape, Flora and fauna. Nevertheless, the wildlife in the country forms the basic form of tourist attraction in the country. The country has numerous wild animals such as buffaloes, lions, antelopes giraffes and elephants that are well kept in the Uganda’s ten national parks. Uganda is also one of the three countries after Rwanda and Congo where one can find the endangered mountain gorillas.

Boating and other Water activities

Uganda y has large water bodies that make it possible for our visitors to do whatever they think whether under water or over it. Scuba diving is a major water activity that most visitors are associated with. Swimming, windsurfing, kite boarding, and skating are other major activities that our visitors can enjoy our scenic views. Boating is more common in lake Victoria, lake Bunyonyi and in river Nile.

Hiking and mountain climbing

The country provides an opportunity for mountain climbing, hiking and nature walk due to the many mountains in the country.  The Ruwenzori Mountains, mount Sabyinyo, mount Gahinga and other mountains offers the best platform for hiking and mountain climbing. Uganda is privileged to have the highest mountain in Africa and is also known to have the largest calderas in the world.

Our culture

The Philippines is a hotbed of vibrant and diverse culture that offers a lot for domestic and international tourism. Our people love the fun and are accommodative thus making it a wonderful experience interacting with this group of wonderful people. We continue to be the same exciting destination that the world has come to know. And the genesis of all that fun has always been anchored on the Ugandans’ people’s hospitality, strength, warmth, and indomitable spirit.


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