Undercover Bosses

In this assignment, Episode 7 of Season 7 in the Undercover Bosses series is used to conduct a job analysis of two job positions. These positions have been identified as shift leader and pizza delivery driver.

Job Analysis

A job analysis is an important recipe in the development of an outstanding job description (Siddique, 2004). In this assignment, the positions of shift leader and delivery driver were analyzed through a job analysis.

  1. Shift Leader

Shift leaders run the staff when the manager is not around. They direct the staff to conduct daily routines while engaging with customers. Their role is to ensure customer satisfaction and the attainment of quality in the work. They usually have better communication skills as well as excellent customer service. Leadership is also a core competence of shift leaders as they direct other staff members. Still, they have a strong stamina and are team players.

  1. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers have the main responsibility of making deliveries to the customers once orders are made. They should ensure that all deliveries are made to the right customers in time. They engage with the customers directly during the deliveries and should thus ensure customer satisfaction. Delivery drivers have excellent driving skills and good customer service. In addition, they have good time management skills.

Method of collecting information

The information used in the job analysis is collected through personal observation of the employees. Ideally, the use of personal observation is highly effective as it portrays a true account of the job analysis. In addition, the method is free from any form of bias (McDonald & Adam, 2003) as employees are likely to say only favorable things about their jobs. By using observation, it is possible to identify details that employees would not have observed about themselves. Lastly, personal observations aid in the collection of all the information since visuals are better at recording information. Ultimately, personal observation was the most ideal method of data collection in this type of study.

Job Description – Shift Leader


The shift leader is ready to take on challenges and grasp opportunities to learn. She/he must be willing to take responsibility and maintain customer satisfaction at the workplace. Enthusiasm, politeness and positivity should be their norm.


  • Leading the restaurant in the absence of the manager
  • Effectively lead shifts through delegation of duties and assignment of tasks
  • Maintain a clean environment within the restaurant
  • Ensure compliance with the standards of the restaurant in the preparation of products
  • Help in the preparation of pizzas when necessary
  • Should be proficient with all the different areas of the restaurant
  • Observe and maintain consistent punctuality and attendance
  • Ensure customer orders are processed and delivered in time
  • Ensure positivity of the work environment for all the staff
  • Ensure maintenance of health and safety standards in the preparation of Marcos pizza products
  • Ensure time management and completion of all job responsibilities

Minimum Qualifications

  • Age: Above 18 years
  • Previous Experience in a similar position is preferred
  • Familiarity with POS System
  • Availability for night, weekends and holiday shifts
  • Must be willing to take responsibility and delegate to other staff
  • Ability to perform in a fast paced environment


A good job analysis and job description must observe compliance with the stipulated regulations (Lauver & Kristof-Brown, 2011). The job description complies with all state and federal laws as it does not encourage applications from minors and is not discriminatory in any aspect whatsoever. Moreover, the job description and job analysis do not go against the ideals of minimum wage requirement.





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