Urban Studies

In the recent past, urban areas population has been increasing tremendously all over the world. The large population in the already existing centers has created pressure which has resulted in the creation of new places to develop into urban centers. Nature plays a crucial role in the process of development of urban areas. Therefore, in the creation of cities, the stakeholders must put the natural environment into consideration. This paper reviews various readings about the existence of towns and the contribution of nature in making urban areas indigenous.

Smith, Jenna, Derek Smith, and Miguel Sioui. "Nature, cities, people: An exploration of Aboriginal perspectives." The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe Canadien 60.1 (2016): 3-8

This paper is a presentation of a study that was carried out on the Aboriginal people of Ottawa city to determine the role of nature in the lives of the people. In the article, the authors state that the natural environment is of great importance to the Aboriginal people since it gives them a sense of cultural identity. The Aboriginal people have a culture of taking care of the environment( Smith et al., 6). Hence, they prefer a native city to artificial cities. The argument of the above article is to show how nature, people and towns relate. The natural environment in cities is crucial as it provides a contusive climate to live. To have a sense of the natural environment in the cities, the residents need to develop a culture to take care of nature by reducing pollution issues. Therefore, the creation of artificial towns will be of less need.

King, Thomas. A Short History of Indians in Canada. In A Short History of Indians in Canada: Stories. Toronto: Harper Collins,(2005).  pp.1-4

In this article, the author describes how the Indians got to Canada in the form of a story. In the story, the Indians are believed to get into Canada as businessmen (King, 3). In the reading, it is learned that the people did not embrace the presence of the Indians in Toronto. Therefore, they were mistreated to give a hard time in the city. As a result, the Indians seized coming to Canada. However, the author shows that in the recent, the Indians have been allowed to Canada as they are seen to contribute to the growth and development of the cities (King, 4). The author shows the importance of embracing cultural diversity in the cities. Indians are renowned business people. Hence their presence in a city contributes significantly to the economic growth of urban areas. Also, the presence of different ethnic groups in a metropolitan area does not threaten the indigeneity of a city. It contributes to the cultural diversity that enhances the beauty of an urban center.

Katsitsakatste Delaronde, Lindsay & Lianne Charlie.Unceded Voices #2.

 Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvDlClXJ7Z0(2015).

  • The Unceded Voices is a video that shows the importance of street art in exhibiting the indigenous visual traditions. In the video, Lindsay dressed in traditional attire and moves to the streets and engaged the people in a street performance. From the interaction, she enquired from the participants of their knowledge about the inhabitants of the land (Katsitsakatste and Lianne). This performance was beneficial to the participants as they got knowledge about the inhabitants of the area. On the other hand, Lianne engages people in a street exhibition of indigenous visual traditions(Katsitsakatste and Lianne).The residents bring in posters from magazines that expressed the indigenous cultures of the people. The posters were put on the structures and the walls of the land. As a result, people were able to learn about their different histories. The unceded voices portray the usefulness of street art in exhibiting the indigenous visual traditions. Therefore, street art is useful in educating people of different cultures. As a result, art is an effective method of promoting diversity in urban areas with people of different cultural backgrounds.

McMahon, Ryan. Thunder Bay. Canadaland (podcast).

Available at https://www.canadalandshow.com/podcast/thunder-bay/(2018)

The audio is a presentation of an interview on how Thunder Bay has been at the point of the mistreatment of the indigenous citizens. From Thunder Bay report, it is learned that the indigenous people have been victimized by corrupt people in positions of power (McMahon). Also, from the audio, it is evident that Thunder Bay has developed the attitude of the racist system hence victimizing its indigenous citizens. McMahon argues that Thunder Bay is making a mistake by victimizing the indigenous citizens (McMahon). Indigenous residents in a city contribute to the development of the areas considering the promotion of cultural traditions. Indigenous residents pass on knowledge about the communities thus keeping the culture alive in the cities


In conclusion, indigeneity in urban areas contributes to the beauty of a center. A natural environment is characterized by the presence of parks and indigenous people in a metropolitan area and cultural diversity. The parks provide the residents with a sense of cultural traditions as people carry on cultural practices such as worship in the parks. The indigenous people are crucial in an urban setup as they contribute to the passing of information about traditions to the generations. Cultural diversity creates a sense of interaction among many people hence adding to cultural embrace. As a result, there exists peaceful cooperation among people. Conclusively, cities can be urban and remain indigenous.

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