US government should make vaccine mandatory

Topic: US government should make vaccine mandatory

General purpose: to argue

Specific purpose: I want to argue that the US government should make vaccine mandatory

Thesis statement: the US should make vaccine mandatory because (1) the vaccine protects children from preventable diseases such as  rubella, whooping cough, mumps, and measles, (2) prevent the outbreak of  diseases, (3) prevent the spread of contagious illnesses; and (4) despite that, the opposition claims that vaccination is not effective and safe.


  1. [Attention getter] Did you get vaccinated when you were young?
  2. Vaccination of children is the best thing that happens to them after they are born. The vaccine protects them from severe complications, illnesses, and spread of dangerous and contagious diseases. In general, vaccines help to save lives and should be mandatory.
  3. As crucial as the vaccination is the US government is still reluctant to make the process mandatory due to the opposition threat.
  4. [Topic justification/ establish controversy] The US government encourages vaccination all over the country but has not made it compulsory because their people who oppose it.
  5. Many parents in the country agree vaccination of their children is crucial and give the children the opportunity to have the best and healthy future.
  6. The highest percentage of parents are doing it or over the world.
  7. 80% to 90% of the children born in the US every year receive vaccination according to; "fortunately, today 80 to 90 percent of the children receive most vaccination.”[]


  1. Other parents do not support or offer vaccination to their children. The common reason is the safety concern.
  2. Despite all the evidence from the government that vaccinations have no severe side effects, some parents opt out.
  3. Anti-vaccinationists who mainly spread fear to parents waged court battles to repeal against mandatory vaccine according to org, “Vaccination causes autism, causes vaccine injury, the CDC are lyres, and there has not been much research.” []
  • [Credibility statement] As one of the people who has received a vaccination, I can testify and claim confidently it's crucial. I have research

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