Using the Eyes of Killer Shrimp to Design a Super Camera

Victor Gruev; an associates professor of electrical and computer engineering believes that a powerful camera that works same as the eyes of a mantis shrimp may help to reduce car collations as the camera is more sensitive to light of any levels than the traditional cameras (Brown,  2019). It will enable autonomous cars to see hazards through fogs and shadows. Gruev acknowledges that some animals have excellent vision those humans as they can see all the three properties of light. While human eyes can only see color and intensity, the eyes of the mentioned animals utilize polarized light to perform their usual activities like finding their mates, hunting for prey as well as marking their territory (Brown, 2019).  The super camera will also detect six types of polarization and have 16 color receptors to differentiate the shades of colors accurately. The super camera is even supposed to adjust to different light intensity. It is different from the typical camera that bleaches details are not in the direct sunlight.

I believe that the device will cost more than the traditional camera, but it will be worth buying it. The camera will help not only the drivers but also other road users as it has the potential of reducing accidents during fog when human visibility reduces. It seems like the super camera will only be applicable automated cars, yet some drivers operate manual vehicles as they are more conversant with such a car. The technology does not highlight this issue yet a new technology should benefit everyone without others feeling as if they are not part of the change process. In general, the super camera will be of significant value and worth purchasing. During fog, drivers experience challenges driving around between bright and dim lights thus losing focus on the road. The super camera’s pixel resolves the details in dim lights and enables drivers to see the details in the shadows, therefore, avoid an accident.


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