Victoria capital is based in the British Columbia, and a home for the Lekwungen people also called the Songhees and Esquimalt nations.  The original language of this land and its people is the Lekwungen. Victoria began as a trading center where First Peoples gathered to exchange goods. The Victoria Capital which encompasses the nine traditional territories; Songhees, Tseycum, Pauquachin, Esquimalt, Tsawout, Scia’new, Tsartlip, Malahat and T’souke, the land provided the opportunity for the people practice distinctive ways of life in terms of ceremony and traditional governance. The city which is characterized by marshlands, hills, and creeks further provided the Lekwungen people the opportunity to practice hunting and gathering given the rich resources, climate, and natural harbors. Furthermore, given the fact that the Victoria Capital region symbolized or rather meant the land of indigenous diversity, allgroups of people in this area believed in the Eagle as a spiritual animal that represented intelligence, power, and loyalty.

Saanich/ WSANEC

Saanich which means “emerging people” is believed to have originated from the ascending of Mount Douglas by over 600 people who wanted the land to be changed into PKOLS, which meant “White Rock.” The origin of this place is visible from the WSANEC tradition which explains that mount Douglas acted as a place that saved inhabitants 10,000 years ago from flood waters. According to Pelkey, just like in the story of Noah, the survivors of the “ Great Flood” were the few that heed the Creator’s warning to create huge canoes and to tie them to the arbutus tree on the at highest point in the peninsula.The remnants or the survivors of the great flood are the ones that earned the name of the land, “emerging people.”

Quebec which means a “narrow passage” as in the Algonquian language originates from the Gulf of St Lawrence after having been assigned to the French territory. In early 1763-91, the British began adopting the province of Quebec as a name for their territories as evident in the present day Ontario. However, by the beginning of 1791, the name Quebec was restored to the current Lower Canada just like southern Ontario became Upper Canada.

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