Viktor and Rolf

Viktor and Rolf announced its new plan to launch the new fragrance in the market. The launch occurred on 25th January 2019. It introduced the singer and the songwriter Jacob Whitesides as part of the original launch of the new fragrance for men. It was then launched globally on January 26th  January 2019. The step was crucial since the young singer is known for influential power through his songs.

Furthermore, he has been successful in his industry with the power of influencing the audience instinctive to generation Z.  His unforgettable live shows would also increase social followers and create the desire for the product to both male and female fans

The brand sells a wide  range of designer products designer items such as dressing and bridal wear

It worked along with other designers with the aim of providing equally competitive products with its customers. It involves influential groups such as musicians to launch new products in the markets. It has invested in advertisement sites and social media platform with the aim of attracting more clients.


The article describes the plan to launch a new product. The focus is to attract a group of young customers and enhance the company’s brand. The news therefore, was designed to update the public on the upcoming event and prepare them for the new products in the market. Besides, it would further provide a brief description of the uniqueness of the products. Having used the musician, it aimed to attract a significant group of young people and enhance the significance of sensational significance of the product. The news coverage of the company’s activity would play a crucial role in strengthening the position of innovation with the designer products. The website explains the fragrance on the section labeled Fragrances. Besides, the videos produced through the wired items provides essential information regarding the event. The partnership between Victor and Rolf has blossomed through their social media presence. Besides, the other website that described the event included the Forbes and the PR Newswire which explains the existing partnership between the company and Jacob. When visiting their site, it is easier to access the information since the services and product described on the first page. Thus providing an opportunity for the users to identify the line of product they would lie to inquire about It has over 350,000 followers on Facebook and over 300,000 followers on Instagram, the company can post different types of products and attract more customers.

Recommendations Researching on Viktor and Rolf is one of the most influential activities to conduct choosing Jacob for the promotion and marketing purposes was one of the crucial steps in launching the new fragrance. Even though the company is at a good starting point to launch the product, it should develop a means of reaching out to global coverage and initiating global marketing strategies. It should further increase its social media strategy since the figures are still low as compared to the total number of social media users. Therefore, it should create campaigns targeting social media users. It should also encourage interaction with its consumers by creating a feedback mechanism that allows the customers to conduct direct inquiry from the company. The stakeholders have to be involved in every step and decision-making process performed by the company.

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