Violence against Nurses

Question #1: Patient or Staff-Related Healthcare Safety Concerns

Nurses are exposed to a variety of work-related violence in their workplace especially those working in emergency, aged care as well as in the mental health sections. In my place of work, nurses have been beaten before by those with a mental health issue. At times they suffer violence when they have gone to administer drugs and medication to the patients. Nurses are exposed to both verbal and physical violence, and in some cases, they have had to accept this as part of their job. On another instance in my workplace, a nurse was verbally abused by a cancer patient who caused the nurse a lot of psychological trauma (Van, 2017).

The factors and forces that are responsible for these three issues are the pain in the patients. There exist some ailments that when a patient suffers, they come with intense pain. In the event, they get wild and can even harm the caregiver or the nurse who is administering treatment (Hajaj, 2014). During the diagnosis stage, some patients are likely to lose it and engage the nurse or the doctor in physical or emotional abuse. Prolonged periods of sickness are additionally another recipe for violence either from the patient or the caregiver. Nurses are the ones who are usually predisposed to these insults from the patient or the caregiver (Hajaj, 2014).

In preventing violence, hospitals, as well as other caregiving facilities, have involved the security guards to ensure that violence against nurses as well as other caregivers has been reduced significantly.

The effectiveness of Actions Taken

A few of the actions, which have been taken to reduce or even eliminate violence against nurses, have been effective. For instance, ensuring that security personnel has been deployed in hospitals so that they can handle any case involving violence against nurses or even doctors (Van, 2017). Deployment of these security guards is a challenge in the emergency rooms, but this has been addressed by installing CCTV cameras wherein the event of an emergency violence scenario, appropriate and immediate action could be taken.



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