Violent Risk Assessment

The first article I have selected is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurse; Violent Risk Assessment Tools) This article defines violent risk assessment and describes the risk assessment tools that can be used by healthcare professionals. The purpose of this article is to explain the various tools that can be used by healthcare professionals to share a standard frame of reference and understanding. The author mentions the triagle tool, indicator for violent behavior, and danger assessment tool, describing their functions and how they can be used. The author also provides links to the respective tools for detailed understanding.

The second article I have selected is This article defines a violent risk assessment as a decision making task taking place in clinical or legal settings to evaluate a person’s future violent behavior. The article describes the purpose and application of violent risk assessment, history of the scientific study of the violent risk assessment, and the contemporary approaches to violence risk assessment. The purpose of the article is to give a detailed examination of the violence risk assessment and the parameters that surround it, such as its application. It serves as a source of information for those who want to know about the history, purpose, and contemporary approaches to violence risk assessment. The author provides evidence to support the facts presented in the article by giving reference sources at the end.

For the first article, I have selected a supportive article from This article provides review resources for identifying and stratifying the patients at risk for violence, approaches to mitigation of the risks from interpersonal harm or self-directed harm and encourages the sharing of patient information. These two articles are related because they both provide a thorough description of violence risk assessment tools and how clinicians or care providers can use them.

For the second article (, the supportive article I have found after doing some search is the Society of Clinical Psychology (Assessing Violence Risk in General Practice) retrieved from This article explains violence risk assessment, ways of minimizing patient violence in the workplace, and strategies for managing violence cases. At the same time, the article describes the nature of violence risk and the protective aspects that can be considered by healthcare providers. At the same time, the article discusses approaches to violence risk assessment and the treatment plan for potentially violent clients. This article relates to the first article in the sense they serve as a quick reference for situations where a psychologist is functioning on a non-forensic clinical setting, may require for assessing whether the patient can pose a risk of violence. They describe the tools that clinicians can use to assess the level of risk to violence in a patient.

In conclusion, these articles provide a detailed analysis of violence risk assessment and the information contained in these articles can help health care providers understand how to approach in the evaluation of a patient’s risk, and the factors to consider.