Virgin Mobile USA

Review and summary

The virgin mobile USA is a company that deals in a range of products from planes and trails to beverages and cosmetics. It is a new business that comes into a competitive environment to have a competitive advantage over its competitors.  As such, it employs various strategies to help it markets its products. Such strategies include the merging with a company from Singapore, doing much advertisement, tailoring products to meet a specific demographic group and offering better prices to attract customers. The management uses all these strategies so they can make their new company famous in the United States and the rest of the world as a whole.

Key problems

Virgin mobile has a problem of how to survive in the competitive market that is overcrowded with well-established companies. This makes it look for various ways on how it can advertise its products to reach the people in the interior parts of the United States. For this reason, it also experiences a problem with how they can get new customers as well as maintaining the current ones. To counter this, it ensures that it segments its products to meet the needs of a specific demographic group. Since youths purchase most of its products, it tailors various products to meet the needs of youth such as college students. Secondly, it offers moderate prices to consumers of its products to ensure the customers buy products at affordable prices. It provides youths services like text messaging and online real-time billing which are sites which youths like most. It has chosen to display their kiosk at a place that is easily reachable to youths such as high-end electronic stores. Also, it suffers a problem of management which has made them hire some people to discuss the pricing of the various goods at the company.


For a company to survive in a competitive environment, it should do benchmarking in well-established business companies that will allow it to gain experience in matters like pricing and the overall management of the firm. This will ensure that the company improves in its management and also identifies their weakness so they can improve their performance. In the pricing strategy, the company should give prices of various products in slightly lower than their competitors to ensure they attract new customers. It should also segment its products to meet different gender as it can produce products for ladies and the one that meets the needs of men as their taste and prices differ. In advertising, it should use various sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp as this is the site that currently connects very many youths around the world.

In conclusions, the virgin mobile is a company that struggles to survive in a competitive environment which requires various strategies to get a competitive advantage over other companies. It experiences problems such as the pricing and advertising strategy of the firm and the advertisements that can allow their business to expand its base to even interior parts of the United States. For it to achieve proper advertising strategy, it should use the sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp which are the sites that connect very many youths globally. In general, the success of the company depends on the strategies they use that can make them attract and retain consumers.