Voting and Voter Turnout

Question A
There are several reasons why Americans don’t vote. Some of the reasons are the lengthy registration process. It is upon a voter in the USA to log in to the official website to register or get to the government office concerned with voting to fill the lengthy paperwork. The other reason is voter apathy and burnout, some of the voters feel discouraged to go voting because they think that voting do not make any sense and their vote will not make any change. Education level also makes some people not to vote; the illiterate find it difficult to go voting as some lack of information about candidates to vote for. Two parties may not be enough for some people. Some parties exist in America but there are only two main parties, so those who want to vote the other parties will not vote because they obviously know that their vote won’t count. The other reasons are no participation is mandated, other people are not allowed to vote du

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