W3HR_Redesigning your Job Discussion

Due to the current expansion in technology and innovations, many jobs need regular redesigning to fit the changes to benefit the management, the employees and also to bring the primary effect to others. Such changes are advisable to occur in the safety and health department, the training department and the working capacity of the employees (Guest, 2017). When considering a current job as a technician in one of the popular manufacturing industries in the state, it is recommended that the human resource manager should add more emphasis on motivation, health safety, and adequate mental capabilities to increase efficiency in the job.

The human resource manager should purpose to help all the employees to make and sustain an environment which is safe and healthy to work. A good environment will be possible after evaluating and understanding the interactions, principles and methods designs to create maximum well-being and good working capacity from the employee (Guest, 2017). The human resource can also aim in reducing physical strain on the technician by redesigning the work environment. The restructuring promotes efficiency and worker-friendly environment (Guest, 2017). The employees should also be informed on skills and knowledge to avoid injury thus helping themselves at home or even helping friends and coworkers who might be having similar issues.

Also, some changes should be done in the motivational sector. It is evident that the employees who provide a core competency make the organization better than its competitors (Guest, 2017). This success will only occur if the employees are well motivated and have proper training. The motivation comes from making the technician familiar to many different jobs around the organization; this promotes teamwork and  recruiting internal employees to a certain job; this increases the job expectations since the technician will be relative with knowledge about the skills  needed in the organization and finally, through providing them with flexible work timetables (Guest, 2017). This change promotes the working capacity in technical jobs.

Finally, it advisable that human resource management should add more emphasis on mental preparation from the employees to meet job expectations.  Also, management can reduce the number of technology tools in the workplace to increase the concentration of the technicians. Sufficient lighting, perfect instructions, and equipment which are simple to operate are also highly recommended.




Guest, D. E. (2017). Human resource management and employee well‐being: Towards a new analytic framework. Human Resource Management Journal, 27(1), 22-38.