Wedding Invitation

Subject: Wedding Invitation

Dear Mary.

It is indeed with profound pleasure that we take this time to inform you that my fiancé and I are getting married. I would, therefore, request the honor of your presence on this auspicious occasion. Being my only sister, we humbly request the honor of your presence on this special event because your blessings will be a great gift to us. We understand that you are far from home and we would be obliged to have your company on this blessed day.

We understand that you will need to prepare for the occasion and, thus, we have set the date of the wedding at a time that we feel will be favorable for everyone. The wedding will be on the 25th of April 2019 at the Glory Court. This should give you enough time as you endeavor to attend and be a blessing to us. Being my only sister, we would love it that you arrived a few days before the wedding so that you can help me in the planning process of the big day. I am confident that your skills in planning are unmatched given that you had assisted me on many occasions before. Since you are a wedding planner, we would also need your advice on several issues concerning the wedding and, therefore, the more reason that we need you a few days before the event.

We, therefore, invite you to share our joy and celebrate the union as embark on our new lives.  We will be most obliged to get a positive response from you, and we will be even happier to have your company at the wedding.

Thanks in advance

Yours truly