Week 5 Discussion 1: Reading Fluency

Week 5 Discussion 1: Reading Fluency

Choral reading is a literacy technique that assists students in building fluency, self-confidence, and motivation in reading. During a choral reading, a student or a group of student is made to read a passage together in the presence or absence of the teacher. To incorporate choral reading in class, it is essential to make the students read loudly in class. This would entail practicing and becoming familiar with readings. Choral reading can be done individually, as a whole class, or in small groups. Through choral reading, the students will develop a model of fluency, improve sight-word recognition, and enable support and practice (Coats, 2013). The passage for reading should be within the reading level of the students to facilitate comprehension of what they read. The students should take a turn in reading different pages and then making everyone in the class to read the whole passage together.

To show that this approach is improving fluency, the students will tend to become interested in reading books. I will be looking for the desire and interest in reading more books to show that the students are practicing. Another sign is the fluency of the students while reading. Lastly, I will look for the sight-word recognition. This entails the speed and accuracy of reading the passage. This will show that the students are improving their fluency.

The best way to encourage parents to use these fluency strategies at homes is to read, re-read and repeats various books with their children. This will enable the children to connect with the characters and learn new exciting topics. At the same time, it would make reading an enjoyable activity, or a hobby.


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