Well-Developed Outline for the Picture of Dorian Gray

Well-Developed Outline for the Picture of Dorian Gray


The reason why I choose the themes to be the section of discussion in the essay is that they have the message that the author wants to pass, they have lessons and conclusions as well. They also show different characters in the novel, their roles and the setting of the book. The major themes that I will discuss in the essay concerning the Picture of the Dorian Gray include includes: Art which is used as a form of the mirror. Living through art, vanity as original sin, Beauty’s value and youth, Corruption and the influence, homosexuality and finally the superficial society’s nature.


The theme of the art as a mirror. The titular portrayal represents the idea, the image of the Dorian Gray reflects his conscience and the true in himself as well as serving as a mirror in his soul. In the theme of the art of living, this theme plays the role of being the most prominent in the character of Lord Henry and also in the new hedonism that Lord Henry espouses. Lord Henry believes in both the beauty and the art, and that is the reason he has an open approach life as art for that seeks to sculpt the personality of Dorian. The theme of Vanity as the original sin, it shows that the physical beauty of Dorian is the most appreciated attribute, vanity and consequences his most crippling vice. In the novel, vanity haunts Dorian, damn his action before he even commits them, and pride in his great sin. The betrayal of one’s community and private selves. In the novel, the theme act as prominent through the book in the work of the Wilde, it has an essential role of being Earnest as well as being a concern with their reputations. Concerning the theme of the value of the beauty and youth, Lord Henry values beauty and the adult before anything else. He appreciates more the beauty of the physical appearance than the beauty of the soul. Influence and corruption theme, initially as the Picture of Dorian start, Dorian was an innocent youth. After being influenced by Henry, he comes a corrupt man and finally began to corrupt others with himself without the knowledge of Lord Henry. Finally, in the theme of homosexuality, Wilde calls the idea of homosexuality as the note of doom this is because there was the punishment of Sodom and homosexuality in Victorian England and it was put undercharges that Wilder was set to be responsible for it.


In the essay, themes seem to be carrying an important and a large portion, which show the different characters with different roles; it shows different contributions and the immortals that were performed during the essay. However, for the completion of the Picture of the Dorian to be completed, all the named themes had to be there.




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