What Is A Micropenis?

There is always a contradiction when it comes to defining a micropenis. Some people mistakes a small penis for a micropenis.

For a penis to qualify as micro, its size is measured against the age. If it falls below the recommended length, it may be classified as small or micro.

According to urologists, the size of the baby’s penis should range from above 1.9 cm. Below this penile length, he qualifies to have a micropenis.

For an adult, his penile length should range above 9.32 cm. Any adult’s penis that measures below this figure is considered a micropenis.

Factors That Contribute To Having A Micropenis

Several reasons can make a penis micro. They include the following:

  1. During Fetus Development And Birth

The development of a fetus inside the womb is a very crucial part. That is why women are encouraged to do pre-natal checks. They help in identifying any possible defect on the unborn baby.

At this stage, the role played by hormones is vital and one we cannot overlook. For a baby boy, the hormonal disorder can result in him having a micropenis.

After birth, it is possible to diagnose if he experienced hormonal disorder during his gestation period. It is done via a blood test.

This disorder causes the baby to have low levels of the production of testosterone. As a result, his penis is unable to grow to normal size.

According to a French study, 1.5 in every 10,000 births of male children have a micropenis

  1. Webbing Of The Penis

A true micropenis only occurs at birth. You cannot have a micropenis at your adulthood if it did not happen to you during your infancy.

However, your penis might be micro as a result of webbing. It usually happens after a complication in circumcision. It may also occur in newborn babies.

The skin from the scrotum always hides the penis. This skin usually extends abnormally far than it should. It covers most of your penis, leaving only the tip and a small shaft is visible.

You end up having a micropenis. This condition is however treatable. The skin only needs to be removed to make the penis more visible and free.



  1. Burying Of The Penis

According to urologists, a buried penis is one that does not hang out of the body as it should. It remains hidden from inside even though the opening where it should be is still visible.

It is common in adults but is also present in small babies. In children, it is brought about by prostate abnormalities. In grown men, it may result from morbid obesity or lymphedema.

Morbid obesity is the accumulation of excess fat around the scrotum and the abdomen. The size of the penis remains the same, but the fat keeps pilling. The overlapping of the fat hides the penis, making it look tiny.

Lymphedema is the accumulation of lymphatic fluid around the scrotum. It causes it to swell, burying the penis.

Effects Of Having A Micropenis

Having a micropenis has its side of share. The effects include the following:

  1. Infertility

As we have seen earlier, a micropenis occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance. The levels of testosterone are low and thus affect the growth of the organ.

This hormone is also responsible for the production of sperm. When it is low, the sperm count decreases, causing you to experience difficulties in having children.

  1. Low Self-esteem

In current times, almost everyone is obsessed with big penis size. Having a micropenis in such an environment is traumatizing.

It lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel like not to associate with other people. You cannot contribute to topics relating to the size of the penis with your male friends. You also do not want your partner to know you have a micropenis.

Treating A Micropenis

There are several ways of enhancing the size of the penis. They include the use of supplementing pills such as male ultracore, patches, injections, surgery, and therapies. The following are methods of treating a micropenis:

  1. Hormone Treatment

This treatment involves administering testosterone to infants. It aims at correcting the hormone disorder. Hormones are given through injections, ointments, and gels.

If this method does not work, urologists recommend a more advanced treatment: hormone therapy.

According to urologists, hormone treatment stimulates the growth of the penis at infancy. This growth, however, is not recorded in adults.

  1. Phalloplasty Surgery

It is a medical procedure to correct a micropenis. This option is given when hormone treatment fail.

The surgery is usually administered to young adults, but rarely on infants. It involves taking flesh from other parts of the body such as arms and thighs to construct a sizeable penis.

The procedure might be risky and requires regular follow-ups. Having the procedure from an experienced surgeon can eliminate most of these complications.

It is essential to understand the type of penis you have. It will help you eliminate doubt and unnecessary worries that come along with having a micropenis. Once you realize you have a micropenis, it does not mean you are doomed.

The condition is manageable. It has various methods of treatment which you can have. There also people who manage the condition by accepting themselves. They discuss it with their partners and learn to live with a micropenis. After all, sex is not about the size, but the satisfaction that comes from the action.

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