What is a trickster?

In folklore, as well as in the study of fables and religion, a trickster is a character in a story, which shows an incredible level of intelligence or mystery knowledge, and uses it to trap or generally not act per ordinary guidelines and traditional conduct (Hanakam & Schuller, 2016). Trickster story, as per the common tradition is a tale highlighting a hero (regularly a creature attributed human characteristics) who has mystical powers and who is portrayed as a collection of opposites. Trickster stories can be narrated for entertainment or even on certain or consecrated events.

In Ture, the Zande trickster, the name ‘Ture’ is for a hero, which signifies “spider,” and is a Trickster due to his astuteness together with greed and a propensity for getting himself into inconveniences, regularly with comic outcomes. The Ture stories reveal a trickster in the way that Ture acts, portraying intelligence and great knowledge. Even though Ture signifies “spider,” the Azande consider him as an individual who was given the name Ture because he was so astute (Grootaers, 2012). In the same way as other different tricksters, Ture is a liar, cheat, reprobate, killer; vain, greedy, tricky, unreasonable, a coward, a show-boater, and egotistical; yet he is likewise unusual, neglectful, reckless, puckishly unreliable, and a floater of each tradition.

He murders his dad, attempts to kill his child and his spouse, and has sexual intercourse with his mom in law. Ture acts in ways that are considered immoral and wrong, and in this context, Ture refers to the present human being, and that is how the trickster is revealed (Grootaers, 2012). He is truly ourselves. Behind the Ture picture is ourselves, it portrays our desires, inclinations, our creative abilities, and underneath the layer of cognizance, we go about as Ture does.


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