Who are you?

I am an independent person, and my parents realized this character in me from a young age. When other children were playing in groups, I preferred to play on my own. When everybody in my house wanted to start making family dinners, I preferred to take my meals in my room where I would experience minimal interaction and interruptions. The nature of my independence prompted me to live far away from my family from a young age of sixteen years. Even though my parents were uncertain whether my leaving home was a good idea that trusted me enough to know that I would be fine. My independence is a unique characteristic I possess. This is because I do not suffer from low self-esteem issues as what people say and think about me does not affect my daily life. I am willing to take more significant risks in life for I believe that I am capable of achieving everything that is required of me.

People face discrimination depending on the way effectively they blend with the people around them and the other environmental factors at large. My way of dressing has made me a target of discrimination in many cases. I do not possess a particular form of dressing; however; I dress depending on my current mood. I can decide to dress up and look professional on a Thursday while on a Monday I decided to dress up in a t-shirt and jeans. The latter causes some classmates to state that they do not know how to relate with me and do not feel comfortable around me. My classmates and friends say they feel secure around me, for now, understand that I can adjust in every environment that I find myself in at all times. Even though my fashion sense has led to many cases of discrimination in my life, I would not change it for it identifies my character as a person.

Gender equality topic is my favorite area of discussion which whenever I bring it causes heated debates amongst my friends. I believe in gender equality which incorporates both women and men empowerment while most of my friends think that women empowerment is crucial for human survival. I know that women have for ages been mistreated; however, the consistent advocating for women empowerment has led to the men been overlooked in the current society. I believe that all the organization that focuses on empowerment should come up with the relevant policies that ensure none of the genders present are overlooked in society. Everybody, young and old, has a responsibility of providing that equality is encouraged in schools, workplaces and all the areas of human life. I believe that my view on gender equality is right and should be studied in more profound terms and hence despite the debates that arise after bringing the topic up I will hold firm to my beliefs.

I wish I could have the necessary confidence needed to perform activities at the required time. This is because I have procrastinated many events and even doing my assignments because I feel that I am ready to start undertaking such responsibilities. Due to procrastination has led to me not meeting most deadlines in giving out my school assignments. Moreover, I have passed up on job opportunities because I felt that I was not ready to acquire specific responsibilities. I later realized that fear of change is what has dramatically increased my procrastination habit. For example, I procrastinate doing my assignments because I feel that I may not meet the requirements stated. I want to become a person who handles every issue as it arises. This will give me an opportunity to provide excellent results in every task. Moreover, I will be confident to face every challenge that life may bring my way.

Taking the sociology class has given me the necessary skills for analyzing people’s behaviors and even understanding the natural behaviors I possess. Sociology made me realize that our character is determined by many factors other than the ones that were genetically transferred to us. The environment we are exposed to determines how we respond to various situations in life. Moreover, the choices we make daily determine the character we possess. Sociology has made me comfortable in my skin such that I would not portray a character that I do not own. This class has made me realize the areas of my life that I need to change in order to live a more productive life.

In conclusion, I now understand my character as a student and any areas that I need to improve to ensure that I am willing to learn from others. Moreover, my independence in life has prompted me to undertake various ventures that most people are unwilling to undertake. Staying far away from a parent at the age of sixteen requires that a person undertake any responsibilities that come their way. However, my habit of procrastination has led me to miss many unique opportunities which possibly could have positively impacted my life. My fear of change is one major factor that has led me to procrastinate many activities. Also, the topics that lead people to disagree with my point of view show the differences that exist among people. Despite the disagreements, I learned that I should always stand up for what I believe in and not shy away from expressing my views. Sociology was an excellent class and the information gained has improved my daily way of life and my character.