Why Managers should provide ongoing and frequent feedback to employees

Why Managers should provide ongoing and frequent feedback to employees

Regular feedback is essential and beneficial to both the employees and the managers.  Employees cannot discover their full potential on their own; even the football players are coached before every game to make the best out of it. Similarly, employees would benefit when their managers support them, assess their weakness and strengths and when they are offered feedback and advice on their performances (Pollock 2018).

Feedback improves productivity for an organization when an employee is made aware of their weakness; the managers give those tips on how to adjust which in return increases the chances of the change to improve. When an employee improves positively, then the productivity in the company improves as well because they will have learned new or different ways of handling given tasks

When managers provide feedback to their employees, this means that they will keep close contact while doing so; this creates a strong relationship between the employees and the managers. Confidence is enhanced to the employee because of the interaction. Additionally, when there is a good relationship between them, then the employee somehow feels motivated, and also reinforces the culture of the company (Reynolds 2016).

Instead of waiting for months to review the performance of an employee and give feedback, ongoing feedback lets the employees know where they stand, if they are on track to their goals. Additionally, when the review day comes surprises will have been eliminated as the employee is aware of what the reviews entail all the parties involved for this case are on the same page.




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