Why We Buy a Product

Why We Buy a Product

Marketing is a crucial component of business operations because it helps a business to build a successful relationship with the customers. It can also enable an organization to grow and achieve its intended goals. Using an effective advertising policy can enhance the competitive advantage of an organization. The product coming to my mind is the Calvin Klein brand of clothing. For the last four years, I have exclusively purchased my clothes from the company’s online website and store.

The most appealing element about Calvin Klein’s clothing is the quality and price. The cost of clothes at Calvin Klein is not expensive. At the same time, you can easily fit within your budget. They sell high-quality products are relatively cheaper. The clothes from Calvin Klein most often appeal to me because of their quality and fit. I have a unique type of body, and the regular clothes from the clothing lines around me do not fit me well. Additionally, Calvin Klein continually releases new and trendy styles and items. I believe that people with a similar body type as mine or those who require plus size clothing also shop at Calvin Klein. They have clothes of all sizes, standard and plus sizes. They also provide fashion, trendy, summer, casual, official, spring items.

The strategic approach that Calvin Klein often uses when marketing this product to me is through emails. I usually get email and mail offers which influence me to shop from them. Usually, I get discounts, rewards, and even coupons which make me only to want to buy my clothes from them. I get better prices. The costs of their product are relatively cheap compared to other clothing lines. I have been a loyal customer of the company, and since I have a store loyalty card, I get numerous offers and coupons that enable me to keep going back. Shopping with Calvin Klein is quick and easy. I have not had any negative issue because their level of customer service is excellent.

I have heard people argue that the price of clothing from Calvin Klein is too high. Well, this is not the case as the prices are relatively fair because of the quality of these products. The clothing can last for many years depending on how it is worn. For instance, I bought a jean trouser from them that has lasted for three years now, and it is still in good condition even though I wear it four times a month. This can tell the quality of these products. It is worth spending reasonably on a product of high quality; that meets your demands and needs. Since I know that I wear products of high quality, I can walk confidently. I frequently shop from them, and as a result, I was given a credit card that enables me to get a 10% discount whenever I buy with them.

Calvin Klein has stores all over the country and even across the globe. You can use a Calvin Store locator to know the store that is near you. You can then use their website or physically go the store to purchase your product. I prefer physically visiting the nearest store to check on the product that best fits me. The products are manufactured in the company’s headquarter in Midtown Manhattan, New York City and distributed to different stores. This has made them come close to their customers.

Numerous promotional activities often compel me to buy my clothing from Calvin Klein. The company knows how to reach to the customers and attract them to buy their products. The company offers discounts and coupons for their reward program members, and since I have a store credit card, I get several coupons such as $5 rewards. Recently, I received a $10 coupon off in a single purchase. At the same time, when I use the credit card to make a purchase, I am given a 10% off. The discount and coupons that I get always keeps me going back to purchase their products.

Calvin Klein uses a marketing strategy that entails the 4Ps of marketing (product, place, price, and promotion). These strategies are used to ensure that they appeal to the customer with the best quality. They apply target marketing to reach to their target audience with their quality products. Their prices are relatively low considering the quality of the products they sell. They have also made it easy for consumers to buy from them through their website or by visiting their stores located in various parts of the country. These questions show that target marketing is a fundamental approach to business developments. In today’s business environment, marketing forms a crucial part of a company’s success in a competitive environment. Organizations use different types of ads to display their products and services and market their brands. Brands and products are often aimed at marketing to a specific target audience through advertisements. Target marketing is one of the approaches used by organizations to reach to their consumers across the globe. A target market is considered as a group of organizations or consumers that would most likely buy from the products or services of an organization. Since the buyers are likely to need or want the products of a company, the company tend to focus their marketing efforts to reach such kind of consumers across the globe. Marketing to these buyers is considered as the most effective and most efficient approach as compared to the alternative of marketing to everyone.

Competition is one of the forces that marketers must overcome to ensure that they sell the product to consumers with an effective marketing plan and quality products. Calvin Klein operates in a very competitive environment. They must also ensure that they do not violate copyright or trademark laws, and keep in line with clothing lines.


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